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Growing up from print

Entertainment Magazine On Line (EMOL.org) began as a print publication in 1977 called Youth Alternatives Press- later changed to Youth Awareness Press (YAP).

It was published by Robert Zucker with funding from social service organizations such as the Tucson YWCA, United Way of Greater Tucson, public grants and support from the local Tucson, Arizona-area junior and senior high schools.

The publication was among the first in the nation to provide a newspaper for and by young people. The name later changed to Tucson Teen when grant funding ended in the mid-1980's.

In 1982, Entertainment Magazine started publishing as a monthly newspaper targeted to a wider audience- both adult and youth. The newspaper provided entertainment, film, music and event information for Tucson and Arizona. Students from the University of Arizona and Pima Community College interned as staff members to write articles, edit copy, design layout and sell advertising.

The same format exists today in the electronic version of Entertainment Magazine On-Line (EMOL.org and EntertainmentMagazine.net domains) which went on-line as the first Arizona newspaper on January 17, 1995- the day it snowed in the desert in Tucson, Arizona.

EMOL.org provides substantial community information updated often. The web site is also gateway for the organizations and businesses which have not, until now, had an Internet presence or the knowledge to produce and post web pages.

In August 2002, emCommunity was launched as an interactive community for groups and businesses to establish theirown communities with talk forums, note boards, calendars and other features. emCommunity is merged into the EntertainmentMagazine.net web site. EMOL.org hosts about a dozen web sites for non-profit organizations and provides free access to media content and interactive features.

In 2006, BZB Publishing acquired Entertainment Magazine, EMOL.org and related assets to continue the internet version of Entertainment Magazine Online, Tucson Teen, and AZentertain.com.

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One of the first staff of the Youth Awareness Press newspaper from about 1979. The newspaper was published through the Tucson YWCA with support from public and private grants, donations and fiundraising events.

In the early 1980s, the Youth Awareness Press became the Tucson Teen newspaper, published under the direction of Robert Zucker with help from Charles Casey, Neil Costin, David Moskowitz, Kaye Boyd, Becky Corbett, artists James Babcock and dozens of other journalists.