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The acid wash is the ultimate clean in neglected pools

Some foreclosed or vacant homes have great potential, but endure a lot of neglect. When a pool is neglected, it can quickly turn into a swamp.

In Tucson's humid summertime, this is a dangerous situation. Tucson's hot, humid summers increase the amount of algae that needs to be removed.

Once a pool gets to this point, it must be drained and cleaned with an acid wash to bleach the green discoloration. The addition of overhanging trees, especially Palo Verde trees, add to a mixture of fermenting compost. If the pump is not circulating, within a month, a thick cover of algae can grow on top and throughout the pool. If the damage is extensive, complete renovation of the pool plaster may be required.

Tucson swimming pool with algae

A photo of a dirty Tucson pool from a foreclosed home left unattended over the summer. A green layer of algae grows around the pool.

This water becomes more contaminated as it attracts insects and debris that will destroy the pools foundation. Tucson's hot summers easily attract mosquitoes to pools of dirty and untreated water.

When the water and all debris is removed, the pool cement walls is checked for cracks, chips and other signs of disintegration.

Since the algae has stained the walls green, the pool needs to undergo an acid wash bath to clean out and destroy any remaining algae. The professional acid bath bleaches out the discolored pool walls.

After the pool is washed with the correct chemicals, it can be filled with clean water. The pool pump, overflow and pipes will also be tested to make sure the entire circulation system is back in operating condition. A pool acid wash must be performed by a profession pool service company.

Tucson swimming pool with algae

After restoration, the pool is returned to its pristine condition.

algae in swmming pool

Photo above: if left only partial filled, a neglected pool will develop a murky film that will attract insects.

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