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How to Make Your Own Pool Solar Disks

By Robert E. Zucker

Solar pool disks can be homemade and just as effective as more expensive models. There are some simple steps to warm up your pool using basic household items and a toy.

Heating a pool in the winter or summer is expensive with gas, electric and even solar. Even though the savings to purchase professional solar disks for swimming pools can outweigh the cost over gas or electric heat pumps, it is just as easy to do it yourself (DIY).

solar swimming pool ring disk

Learn how to make your own solar heating ring disks for an above ground or below ground pool very cheaply using a simple plastic trash bag and hoola hoop.

Free floating solar disks, or solar rings, are an inexpensive, do-it-yourself (DIY), alternative way to heat a pool's temperature instead of gas and electric pool heating.

Homemade solar disks don't fully replace the more expensive retail-bought discs, but they can add a few degrees of heat– and they are cheap!

Create an cheap solar pool disk ring with a hoola hoop and dark or black-colored garbage bag. It won't be as good as a heat conductor as one with a solar panel, but it can warm the pool a few degrees higher and keep the pool a little cleaner since it can collect leaves and debris.

To make a homemade solar pool disk to heat the water, you need three items:

  • plastic hoola hoop (can be bought for 99¢ at the dollar stores).
  • plastic garbage trash bag
  • stapler

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