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Solar Pool Disks Instructions

solar swimming pool ring disk

Create a cheap solar pool disk ring with a hoola hoop and dark or black-colored garbage bag. It won't be as good as a heat conductor as one with a solar panel, but it can warm the pool a few degrees higher and keep the pool a little cleaner since it can collect leaves and debris.

To make a homemade solar pool disk to heat the water, you need three items:

  • plastic hoola hoop (can be bought for 99 at the dollar stores).
  • plastic garbage trash bag
  • stapler

Be sure your pool is clean before you start heating the water. Otherwise, you could attract algae. If there is algae stain, you may need to do an acid wash cleaning or complete renovation. Learn more about Pool Service and Maintenance.

Slip the garbage bag around the hoola hoop. Staple the bag to seal it around the hoop's ring edges. Toss it into the pool. You're done!

The sun's warmth heats up the bag to increase the pool's surface temperature underneath the hooped bag. The disk also retains heat from escaping overnight.

One Tucson, Arizona pool engineer who devised this innovative method estimates that the pool temperature can be raised by 4F. To warm the entire pool, enough disks have to be made to cover almost all of the pool's surface.

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Acid wash cleaning
or complete Pool Renovation.

Pool Service and Maintenance.

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Acid wash cleaning
or complete Pool Renovation.

Learn more about Pool Service and Maintenance.

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