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Travelocity Top 10 Summer Hotspots

Some Destinations Gain Popularity Despite Economic Challenges and Provide Vacation Deals for Travelers

nullTravelocity's most recent summer travel data reveals some domestic destinations have increased in popularity despite many travelers reducing their vacation budgets.

In Travelocity's most recent poll, one-third of respondents reported a reduced summer vacation budget as compared to last year. These summer hotspots will benefit from an increase in popularity, despite a troubled economy.


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In an analysis of the top 25 destinations for summer travel, Travelocity editors identified the 10 domestic summer hotspots with the largest share increases when compared to 2008. What makes them so popular now?

These destinations have some of the steepest drops in airfare in the country and vacation deals are plentiful.

With hotel rates down in most places – in some cases as much as 30 percent – travelers will have no trouble finding deals in these destinations for their summer vacations. Airfare also continues to drop with an average domestic summer fare of $299, 17 percent less than last year.

“With travelers expected to take more domestic trips this summer these cities and their tourism businesses will benefit from a surge in popularity,” said Amy Ziff , Travelocity editor-at-large.”

Where are these destinations luring visitors away from?

Some of the country's closest neighbors have lost visitor share this summer: Canada (down 8 percent), Mexico (down 19 percent) and the Caribbean (down 21 percent).

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