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Shopping and dining in Summerhaven

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Redevelopment of Summerhaven brings back old favorites

The reconstruction of the destroyed community of Summerhaven has brought back some of the town's popular attractions and businesses.

The reconstruction of the destroyed buildings, major roads, infrastructure, and a new community center updates Summerhaven's tourist attraction.

There a plans for condos and new businesses in Summerhaven, AZ. A new community center and visitor's facility has opened for meetings and information services.

Restaurants like the Mt. Lemmon Cookie Cabin (serving delicious pizza, cookies), Mt. Lemmon Cafe, the Lost Iron Door Mine Restaurant), Mt. Lemmon General Store, gift shops and other new stores have reopened under new roofs while dozens of multi-story cabins have reappeared from the ashes.


Mt. Lemmon dining and restaurants

Three Mt. Lemmon restaurants serve the area. In the winter, call ahead to check weather and driving conditions.

Irondoor Restaurant
10300 E Ski Run Rd. (520) 576-1321

Mt. Lemmon Cookie Cabin
12781 N Sabino Canyon Rd. (520) 576-1010

Mt. Lemmon Shopping/Tourism

Arizona Zipline Adventures
35406 S. Mt. Lemmon Highway, Oracle

Living Rainbow Gift Shop
12789 N Sabino Canyon Pkwy.
(520) 576-1519

Mt. Lemmon General Store and Gift Shop
12856 N. Sabino Canyon Parkway.
(520) 576-1468

Mt. Lemmon Real Estate

There are several cabins for rent, lots for development and homes for sale in Summerhaven.

Karens Sky Mountain Realty
12781 N Sabino Canyon Pkwy
Mount Lemmon, AZ 85619
(520) 886-0394

Mount Lemmon Realty
Office: (520) 576-1333


The newly rebuilt Summerhaven community resprouts after a devestating fire that destroyed almost the entire village, including at least 300 buildings and homes. Watch a video of the fire.

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Books about Mt. Lemmon and the Catalina Mountains

Mt. LemmonMt. LemmonLegends of lost mines, lost cities and a lost mission have been passed down by word of mouth for generations. The most famous legend, the Iron Door Mine, helped launch the early American hunt for gold in the 1850s. Read more about the legends and history behind them in a new local book on the Treasures in the Santa Catalinas. Purchase copies of Treasures of the Santa Catalina Mountains: Unraveling the Legends and History of the Santa Catalina Mountains.Mt. Lemmon

The Santa Catalina Mountains

The Legends & History

The Lost City & Mission

Tucson Gold Rush of the 1880s


Mt. LemmonMt. LemmonSqueezing the Lemmon II... More Juice Than Ever: A Rock Climber's Guide to the Mt. Lemmon Highway, Tucson, ArizonaMt. Lemmon Climb Mt. Lemmon with one of the more popular hiking books about the Catalina Mountains. Includes maps, photos, route topos and descriptions, and general area information most climbers find handy. 324 pages. Eric Fazio-Richard, Author.

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