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Weather & Road Reports for Mt. Lemmon

Winter road conditions to Mt. Lemmon are going to be acceptable when the Ski Valley opens for the season in January. All day ski passes are $35 for adults and $20 for children. For info, call 520-576-1321.

Anywhere from the bottom of the Santa Catalina Mountains to the top at Summerhaven/Mt. Lemmon, AZ winter weather can change within minutes, especially during the winter. A snow storm, white out or flooding can occur very quickly, especially above Windy Point.

Because of the recent snow, chains may be required. Some portions of the road may be closed.

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Check weather advisories and road conditions before you travel up the Catalina Highway to Mt. Lemmon, the Ski Valley, or other recreational areas in the Catalina Mountains. Mount Lemmon Weather Forecast, AZ.

This online weather report covers Mount Lemmon and Summerhaven road conditions, forecast, pollen trends and Ski Valley weather from accuweather.com.

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Call for Mt. Lemmon Road Conditions

To find out the latest road conditions along the Catalina Highway to Summerhaven, Ski Valley and all open roads, call the following hot line phone numbers for information. The road conditions can change hour by hour and roads can be closed off at any time, depending on the weather conditions:

  • Pima Co. Sheriffs Road Information: (520) 547-7510
  • Mt. Lemmon Ski Valley: (520) 576-1321

Check the Mount Lemmon Weather Report

Mt. Lemmon road closures are frequent in the winter. Many times, chains are required and vehicles will not be allowed beyond the park entrance point at the bottom of the Catalina Highway. The Catalina Highway has been closed off and on this year, not just because of snow, but because of traffic overload and gridlock.

There are some general conditions about Mt. Lemmon weather to observe:

  • temperatures are often 15-20 degrees F cooler on top of the mountain than at the Tucson level.
  • if there are clouds covering the mountain range, it is probably raining or snowing somewhere on the mountains. When it is raining in Tucson, it is probably snowing in the mountains.

If either of these conditions are evident, make preparations for difficult weather on the drive up the mountains.

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Summerhaven, Mt. Lemmon snow

The town of Summerhaven, at the top of the Catalina Mountains during a snow storm. When weather is bad, the road to Summerhaven may be closed, except for residents or vehicles with snow chains.


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Mt. Lemmon Weather Web Sites

  • Mount Lemmon Observatory Weather and Sky information, realtime motion southwest weather map and current temperatures, weather conditions and forecast from the Mount Lemmon Observatory. Webcam images from the University of Arizona observatory viewing the Catalina Mountains, including Mt. Bigalow. Updated by the minute. Refresh your pages for latest images.
  • U.S. National Weather Service forecast and reports for Mount Lemmon weather, AZ. Detailed 7-day forecast. Detailed map forecast, scroll and zoon in for closer views. Current weather and road conditions.
  • Weather.com Weather conditions for today, tomorrow and by the hour. Current temperature. Weekend and 10-day forecasts for driving up the mountain. Radar maps.
  • Mt. Lemmon Ski Conditions: New snow, lifts open, base depth and weather report from About.com.
  • Wunderground.com Current temperatures, wind, visibility, forecasts and maps.
  • More Mt. Lemmon, Summerhaven News

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Mt. Lemmon snow

Mt. Lemmon in the snow. Photo taken at Ski Valley near the ski lift. © 2013 Photos by R. Zucker. EMOL.org

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