Styles by Vasile publisher, Bob Zucker, has had his hair cut only by Stan since 1992.


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"Having just moved here a few months ago from the east coast, I had the worst looking hair in all of Tucson. Not only is it colored but it's as fine as baby hair. The ends of my hair looked like I put my finger into a light socket! Get the picture? I checked the phonebook after 2 trips to 2 other shops out of sheer deperation and there it was...Vasile and Lydia! An ad that said they specialize in fine hair! Well, I made an appointment and had my hair colored and cut. And the best news is, that it still looks great even when I style it at home. The products they recommended have helped tremendously! I highly recommend these fine artists! I must mention that it was Lydia that worked on my hair but I am positive both are miracle makers."

Review sent by CleanJoan, a satisfied customer to AOL's Tucson Guide , Nov. 11, 2001 (Digital City)

  Noelle knows that Vasile's attention to detail is important for the balanced look.


Lydia Vasile at a recent Fashion Show in Italy.


Stan and Lydia's daughter Maria, styled by Vasile. Maria finished VMI in May 2001. See Maria's web page.


Debbie's style by Vasile


Stan and Gigi. She flies from New York just to have Stan style her hair.

European Style by Vasile

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