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Download free movies and videos for your device

There are several legitimate sources on the Internet where free movies and music and be legally downloaded for the iPod, iPhone, iPad, Android and other smartphones. These movies can also be downloaded free and played on almost any computer.

The Entertainment Magazine (EMOL.org) web site provides links to free movies, iTunes downloads and free TV shows.

Streaming movies and television is a whole new entertainment source- portable entertainment. Mobile devices that can play video can also play these free movies on the iPod, iPhone and the new iPad, including Android and most other devices.

Free Movie Downloads and Trailers for Mobile Devices

Most of these free movie or video files can play on an iPod, iPad, iPhone, Android or other smartphone with video. Download the movie to transfer to a mobile or watch instantly on a PC.

iTunes movies, videos and app downloads

Since 2005, EMOL.org has been hosting hundreds free movies and videos to watch online and download. Once downloaded, these movie files can be modified to play on a variety of mobile devices.

These links display the latest iTunes RSS feed for selected countries. In some links, the iTuines Store automatically opens to the selected categories.

Download the latest RSS entries to Apple iTunes Store for free and low cost apps, movie and video downloads, music and podcasts for all iPhones, iPods and iPads. See more music iTunes downloads for dozens of countries.

New Web format plays video on Apple mobiles

Soon, get free ipod videos without having to convert the format.

Since Flash videos don't play on Apple mobile products, users have to download the video file, then convert it to a format that can be viewed on an Apple mobile, then synch it with an iPhone, iPod or iPad.

So, Apple is behind a new HTML format that allows videos to play full screen on a mobile device without any special software.

EMOL.org is now reformatting our links to movies, videos and cartoons into the HTML5 format now used on the Safari web broser. Look for the MOBILE link to movies that play on mobile devices.

New iPod/iPhone/iPad Accessories

Video & MP3/MPEG Music Players in the News

VideoApple introduces the new iPhone. Watch free movies, go online faster, make calls

Download to PC and play later on iPod

Although these videos will play on the new iPad, iPods, iPod Touch and iPhones, they are also viewable on many other devices, like a Zune and some smartphones.

Some of these files may have to be converted into acceptable formats for your device to play properly. Check your players specifications for usable formats (like .mov, .avi, .mp3, etc.).

Software programs like Quicktime (from Apple) can easily format a video to play on a device.

How to download free videos

Some of the movies will need to be downloaded to a computer (Mac or PC) before they can be transferred to a portable device.

Our free iPod video and movie section features full-length classic movies and cartoons. New videos are continuously added to the catalog.

Download these free iPod music to your video player from our free music download section. Muziek downloaden gratis.

Visit our entire site at EMOL.org to read the latest entertainment news, reviews and features on music and movies, travel destinations to dozens of cities and, of course, free music, free movies and free stuff.

If you wonder where to get free movies or music for your iPod or mobile device, we have developed this section to help. Find out how to download videos to your iPod.

New Entertainment: 3-D

2012 is the year of 3D entertainment in your home. 3-D will change the way we watch TV. It has already perked up the theaters with the 2010 "Avatar" in 3-D and dozens of new titles planned for release this coming year.

Major TV manufacturers plan to roll out 3-D enhanced HDTVs in the next few months. Several television networks will launch 3-D TV channels later this year.

To compliment this, 3-D Blu-ray DVD players will bring the large screen popping out from the small screen. The computer industry is also getting ready to release 3-D laptops, notebooks, smartphones to help spur a dwindling gaming market with a slew of 3D video games and accessories.

How to get 3D on your TV

Several new products are now available provide a 3-D movie theater experience in your home. To get 3-D images on your TV or computer monitor you will need:

Watch stunning HD-quality movies —it's as easy as downloading to your Mac or PC. Promote movies like Quantum of Solace, Twilight, Transporter 3, The Spirit, Saw 5 and more. Read more about HD iTunes and check for the latest downloads.

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