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Enjoy traditional Japanese dining, fresh sushi and specialty Japanese dishes from one of the longest operating Japanese restaurant in Tucson, Arizona- Bunbuku.

Jimmy Hiroi, chef and owner of Bunbuku, opened his Tucson, AZ. Japanese restaurant in 1986.

He had owned Japanes restaurants in other cities before coming to Tucson and has spent decades as a professional sushi chef, including many years with Beni Hanna (Benihanna).

While decor and atmosphere has remained reflected the traditional Japanese look over the decades, Jimmy continues to refine his signature dishes.

Now, Jimmy has made some changes that will bring a new trend of Japanese dining to Tucson and Arizona by adding Izakaya dining.

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Now Serving Izakaya style Japanese dining


Now Serving Izakya Style Dining

New Izakaya (pronounced as "ee-ZAH-ka-ya") style dishes and seating has been designed by Jimmy. Similar to appetizers, Izakaya style lets you choose among many smaller dish items from homemade gyoza and homemade vegetable spring rolls to edamame and other dishes.

An izakaya is a type of Japanese drinking establishment which also serves food to accompany the drinks. The food is usually more substantial than those offered in other types of drinking establishments in Japan such as bars.

Izakaya's are traditional Japanese taverns or pubs where businessmen go for a drink or quick meal after work. Portions are smaller, and less expensive. The idea is to choose two or three at a time with a glass or two of Japanese beer, sake or green tea.

The name "izakaya" means "i (to remain)" and "sakaya" (sake shop). The Japanese word originates from sake shops which allowed customers to remain on the premises to drink.

Izakaya are sometimes called Akach'chin (red lantern) in daily conversation, because these paper lanterns are traditionally found in front of an izakaya.

Jimmy redesigned a portion of the restaurant to be more similar to the Izakaya look- where booths are separated by walls and an overhang.

This provides more privacy, in a more traditional Japanese dining environment.

In addition to the Izakaya menu, new signature Japanese dishes are available with Jimmy's specially made teriyaki and spicy sauces.

Mekabu for Health

Want a healthy way to eat? Try some Mekabu seaweed. Scientifically proven to improve immunity, improve health and decrease cancer activity.

Ask Jimmy to add his famous Mekabu sauce to your meat, chicken, fish or vegetable dish. Great to top off your favorite dishes. Jimmy is now selling his Mekabu sauce and packaged Mekabu seaweed.


Japanese Cuisine in the Desert

Bunbuku Sushi & Japanese Cuisine is located in mid-town Tucson, Arizona with the quaint decor of a comfortable Japanese restaurant and sushi bar. The restaurant is tucked between several stores along the shopping strip west of Swan, on the side side of Broadway.

Inside, the restaurant takes you out of Tucson and into a Japanese environment with handmade decorations, a garden of plants and flowers, paintings and Japanese prints for sale.

A full-service sushi bar, with Jimmy at the helm, displays this week's fresh sushi and sashimi selections. Seating is available at both the sushi bar, booths or tables. Special arrangements for large groups, catering and private parties can be made in advance.

Ask Jimmy for the daily specials and find out what he's working on today! Mention that you saw his web page on the Internet.

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