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PopeyeAmazon (1980)
Robin Williams

This musical fantasy features the famous comic strip character who comes to life and tries to find his real father. Studio: Paramount Home Video Release Date: 08/22/2006 Starring: Robin Williams Shelley Duvall Run time: 113 minutes Rating: Pg Director: Robert Altman. Nothing interests filmmaker Robert Altman more than a contained culture that mixes bare humanity with local eccentricity (think of his M*A*S*H and Nashville). So Altman's Popeye (1980), based on the old comic strip, works best as a portrait of a busy, cluttered, cartoonish town called Sweethaven. But it is much less successful as a comprehensible story about the famous sailor with massive forearms and a relationship with Olive Oyl (Shelley Duvall). Robin Williams plays Popeye with his usual brilliance for mimicry, Paul Dooley makes a credible Wimpy, and Paul L. Smith makes an impression as the oversized bully, Bluto. But this strange, disastrous film never becomes more than an expensive workshop airing out Altmanesque themes. --Tom Keogh.

Actors: Robin Williams, Shelley Duvall, Ray Walston, Paul Dooley, Paul L. Smith
Directors: Robert Altman
Writers: E.C. Segar, Jules Feiffer
Producers: C.O. Erickson, Robert Evans, Scott Bushnell
Number of discs: 1
Studio: Paramount
DVD Release Date: June 24, 2003
Run Time: 114 minutes

Popeye the Sailor: 1933-1938, Vol. 1Amazon DVD
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Popeye: An Illustrated Cultural HistoryAmazon

by Fred M. Grandinetti (Author)

It’s a rare comic character who can make audiences laugh for well over half a century—but then again, it’s a pretty rare cartoon hero who can boast of forearms thicker than his waist, who can down a can of spinach in a single gulp, or who generally faces the world with one eye squinted completely shut.

When E.C. Segar’s gruff but lovable sailor man first tooted his pipe to the public on January 7, 1929, it was not in the animated cartoon format for which he is best known today (and which would become the longest running series in film history). Instead it was on the comics page of the New York Journal, as Segar’s Thimble Theatre strip. Over the decades to come, Popeye was to appear on radio, television, stage, and even in a live-action feature film.

This comprehensive and lavishly illustrated history is a thoroughly updated and revised edition of the highly acclaimed 1994 work. Animated series and films are examined, noting the different directions each studio took and the changing character designs of the Popeye family. Popeye in other media—comics, books, radio, and a stage play—is thoroughly covered, as are Robert Altman’s 1980 live-action film, and Popeye memorabilia.

Paperback: 337 pages
Publisher: McFarland & Company; 2 Sub edition (July 2004)

Popeye Books by by E.C. Segar

Elzie Chrisler Segar, Popeye's creator, was born in 1894 and died in 1938. His work was showcased in the landmark "Masters of American Comics" exhibition at the Hammer and MOCA museums in Los Angeles in 2006.

Popeye Vol. 1: "I Yam What I Yam"Amazon
Popeye Vol. 2: "Well Blow Me Down!"
Popeye Vol. 3: "Let's You and Him Fight!"

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