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I Met Jesus At The Hard Rock

"West Side Story:" A Classic All The Way

Interview with Tiny Tim

Interview with Chuck Negron

Interview with Rip Taylor

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"Real Man"
Anticipated Street date: Winter 2007

"Paisley Live"
Anticipated Street Date: Summer 2007

Anticipated Street date: Spring 200

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"Does God Sleep"

By Paisley Yankolovich

Christian singer /songwriter /performance artist Yankolovich pushes the envelope even more with this eclectic mix. This time out, Paisley's subject matter is wildly diverse. There are songs about child abuse, abortion, and (!) The Beatles. It's clear why this man is fast developing a devoted army of fans and new converts: he is absolutely fearless. release date: Jan 6 2006.

Now Available on iTunes: Download Paisley Yankolovich - Does God Sleep?

"Itch" by Paisley Yankolovich

PaisleyThe sophomore effort from avant/garde Christian performance artist Paisley Yankolovich, while a striking companion piece to the previous years's Not Unlcean, is quite a departure as well. He forgoes some of the "niceties" of the former (two of the four ballads here, including the awesome title track, feature tormented drum sounds behind primal wails) to let loose some of his own demons. Yankolovich has thus created a more personal effort that is infinitely effective as both art and ministry.


"Not Unclean" by Paisley Yankolovich

PaisleyThe debut effort from avant/garde Christian performance artist Paisley Yankolovich is a striking mix of Rock Opera, Glam Rock, the expected ballad, and a bit of post-punk mimimalism. Often compared to everyone from David Bowie to Meatloaf to Cat Steven (!) Yankolovich is an unusual talent and visionary. While he performs primarily at churches, this is not your typical church music.

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Get Paisley's Concert and Church appearances, lyrics, music, merchandise.


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