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Tucson airport parking information, rates, locations

Finding a parking spot at the Tucson International Airport is much easier now with recent updates. But, with those conveniences are an increase in airport parking rates.

Tucson airport parking lots have been improved with several options, depending on needs. Shuttles are provided free to and from the terminals. Parking lots not operated by the airport tend to be cheaper.

Airport Parking Savings!

Picking up/dropping off passengers

Without the need to park, the most convenient way to for a quick drop-off or pick up is to follow Tucson Blvd. south as it turns right. Choose either the arrival and departure lanes.

The Cell Phone Waiting Lot is free for people waiting to pick up arriving passengers. Follow Tucson Blvd. south to the arival lane, and turn off just west of the entrance to the terminal. Your visitor can call you while you wat near the taxi's.

Tucson airport parking

There are several new Tucson airport parking lots operated by the (Tucson Airport Authority) TAA. These official airport parking lots accept American Express, MasterCard, and Visa credit cards.

The two lots directly in front of the airport terminals are for hourly and daily parking. This uncovered parking is within walking distance to the main terminals.

The Economy Lot is best for long term parking. With more than 5,000 spaces, there is a choice between covered and uncovered parking.

Airport parking reservations From Park 'N Fly serves 59 U.S. markets. Up to 66% savings as compared to parking at the airport. Airport parking reservations serving 59 U.S. markets. Up to 66% savings as compared to parking at the airport.

New Tucson Airport Parking Rates

As of February 1, 2017, the cost to park your vehicle at the Tucson International Airport rises in all categories. These are the new parking charges:

  • Per-Day Rate in the TIA hourly lot: $13.00
  • Hourly Rate: $2.00
  • Per-Day Rate in Economy Lot: $4.50; covered parking: $6.
  • Per-Day Rate in TIA's Parking Garage: $10.00.

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Parking Lots Rates and Locations

  • Hourly Lot in front of the terminal with 447 Spaces. Rates are $1 per 1/2 hour or $12/day. 10-minute grace period.
  • Daily Lot in front of the terminal with 918 Spaces. Rates are $1 per 1/2 hour for first hour then $1.50/hour. The daily rate is $9/day. 10-minute grace period.
  • Economy Lot is located at Tucson Blvd. and Corona with 5,342 spaces. Daily rates are $4/day. The first hour is free. 24 hour shuttle service. This lot is uncovered parking.
  • Economy Covered has 303 Spaces. The rates are $5/day. 24 hour shuttle service to terminals and are access Covered access to the Terminal.ibler to persons with disabilities.
  • Parking Garage in the second level of the Rental Car Parking Garage adjacent to the terminal with 605 Spaces. Rates are $3/hour; $9/day. Enter at Tucson Boulevard and follow to the Ticketing/Upper Roadway past the Terminal's main entry. Turn right on Airport Drive and follow the signs around the Garage to the entrance.
  • FREE Cell Phone Waiting Lot on Airport Drive, just west of the entrance to the terminal. Free for people waiting to pick up arriving passengers.


Off-airport Parking Lots

There are several off-site parking lots along Tucson Blvd. heading towards the airport. These are independently owned and provide their own shuttle services to and from the airport. The rates begin at 2.88 a day on up.

Shared Ride Vans

The main share-ride van service to and from the Tucson airport is Arizona Stagecoach Transportation to hotels, resorts, business or residence locations. Call 520-889-1000 or visit azstagecoach.com

Car Rentals at the airport

These are the major Tucson airport rental car companies. The main offices are located in the Rental Car Building immediately adjacent to the terminal when you exit the airline. Make reservations online prior to arrival to save on rental rates. Shuttles provided to off-site locations. See more about car rental pick ups and reservations at TIA.

Buses from the airport

Tucson's public bus system is caled Sun Tran. Services are provided to and from the airport every half hour. Call 792-9222 or visit www.suntran.com for current bus schedules.

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Tucson Airport new automated parking revenue system

The Tucson Airport Authority is improving installation of the infrastructure for a new automated parking revenue system that replaces the system at all Tucson International Airport (TIA) public parking lots.

Pay-on-foot machines are installed outside the TIA terminal baggage claim, and near the elevators inside the parking garage. The machines will accept credit and debit cards and are designed to facilitate faster exits from the TAA parking lots.

“In addition to the four pay-on-foot machines, we will have automated pay stations at the exit lanes in all the airport parking lots,” explained Fred Brinker, TAA Senior Director of Planning & Development.

“Airport visitors will now be able to pay for their parking in advance using the pay-on-foot machines or by using the automated parking lot exits. Both the main terminal and economy parking lots will continue to have a cashier for those visitors who prefer completing their transaction in person or need assistance.”

The project includes new roadway signage that will more clearly identify the parking options available and inform customers in advance if certain lots are full.

“The Tucson Airport Authority operates four parking lots and customer service and convenience are our top priority,” said Bonnie Allin, TAA President/CEO. “These enhancements are a reflection of our commitment to better serving our customers.”

Other changes for Tucson airport parking include:

  • Park’N Save and Park’N Save Covered become Economy and Economy Covered; Short-Term becomes Hourly; Long-Term becomes Daily;Garage remains Garage; Phone and Go becomes Cell Phone Waiting.
  • The $2.4 million project is being funded by airport revenues. The entire project is expected to be complete and operational by mid-Fall.

TIA Expands Aircraft Parking Apron

Tucson Airport Authority (TAA) expanded the Tucson International Airport (TIA) commercial aircraft parking apron.

This improvement has been designed to offer airline tenants accommodations for an additional 44,000 square yards for commercial aircraft maneuvering and overnight parking adjacent to the existing aircraft parking apron.

The $8 million project was designed by Stantec Consulting and was being constructed by Granite Construction Company. The project, funded by Federal Aviation Administration and Arizona Department of Transportation grants, was completed in the spring of 2010.

TAA has also launched several other infrastructure projects designed to meet future demand, including 60 acres southeast of the airfield reserved for industrial development with airfield access; improvements to Aero Park Blvd. that will support new business development on the south side of the airport; and at Ryan Airfield, improvements to the airport main entrance roadway, Airfield Drive.

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