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Menorah's for Hannukah

A Menorah is a nine-branch candelabrum used during the eight nights of the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah.

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This metal Hanukkah menorah, from  Rite -Lite Judaica, is made of polished silvertone and measures 6.5-inches by 9-inches tall. Weight is one pound.

This bronze finished Chanukah menorah has vintage look that is fused to contemporary lightweight durability. Shamash candle holder stands atop a Mogen David (Jewish Star). The menorah p[roduct dimensions are: 8.75" x 3.50" w x 11.50" h. Holds most standard Chanukah candles. From Rite-Lite Chanukah Express.

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Featured Chanukah Menorahs

Amazon has a large selection of dozens of menorahs from brass to metal, even eletric menorahs that do not reuire candles to light.