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Jewish "Pride Movement" Taking Off

From the Orthodox to the Conservative to the reform movements in American Judaism, Jewish pride has never been higher according to a recent poll.

One in two American Jews (whether affiliated with a synagogue or not) not only identify themselves as being proud of their religion, but has bought something to wear or listen to or read to indicate that.

One in six American Jews now has a "Jewish music" CD in their cars, one in three has recently bought a "Jewish book", and one in two has bought an article of clothing showing their pride (not religious in nature).

"This may be the hottest religious marketing movement in the country right now even with Jewish people being a small minority of the American population," says Larry Broome, President of KewlJu.com.

With magazines like Heeb and JVibe, it's kewl to be Ju-ish.

The tie ins with Israeli culture is also getting hot with American Jews showing their support in helping the Israeli economy. "The Israeli Bobsled Team gear on our website is being seen as funny, yet cool and every sale donates money to their efforts in chasing their Olympic dream," Broome says.
(Source: PRWEB, September 22, 2005).



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