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Jewish and Kabbalah Resources

This page contains numerous web site links to resources and information about Judaism on the Internet.

Visit links to Israe. Learn about the Jewish religion. Study Qabalah (Kabbalah) and learn about Jews from around the world and throughout history.

Jewish History & Culture

Judaica Collection at Yale University
Judaica Electronic Collection at Pennsylvania University
Hebrew Calendar
http://judaism.about.com/Jewish Historical Sourcebook
Babylonia Jewish Heritage Center in Israel
Eliezer Segal's Site with hundreds of articles (Calgary, Canada)
Judaica Collection
Michael Davison's Guide to Early Hebrai Internet
UCLA Library Collections and Internet Resources in: Jewish Studies
Hebrew University of Jerusalem Jewish History: http://
Jewish Texts: http://jewishdelaware.esmartweb.com/PJewishTexts.htm

Hebrew Language

Hebrew Resource links at psyche.com
Aleph-Bayt (w/sound)
Aelph-bet: The formation of the Letters
Hebrew Transliteration Table
Transliteration of Hebrew Letters
Ancient Hebrew Research Center
Aleph-Bet (Modern & Paleo)
The Aleph Beth with Qabalistic
Chart of the Semitic Languages
Yiddish Language and Culture, by Sheva Zucker
Semantics of Ancient Hebrew
Ancient Hebrew web links by psyche.com
The Articulatory Basis of the Alphabet
Israelite & Cunnieform Scripts
Aleph-Bayt Connection

Dead Sea Scrolls

The Dead Sea Scrolls The Ancient Library of Qumran and Modern Scholarship, Washington, DC
Dead Sea Scrolls Home Page from leonardo.net
The Orion Center For the Study of the Dead Sea Scrolls & Other Literature, Israel


The Talmud Page


Jewish History Time Line with links
Timeline for the History of Judaism
Jewish History Timeline
Other timelines


Jewish Torah Audio: Use Real Audioi to hear over 300 hours of Torah Audio
Genesis Project: The Torah on the Super Information Highway

Jews Around The World

Countries of Jewish Settlements
Jews of the '50's in 3D
Jewish Film Archives
JewishGen: The Official Home of Jewish Geneology

American Jews

    North American Jewish Databank Council of Jewish Federations, repository for computer-based population and survey data on Jewish communities in the United States and Canada.

Tucson and Arizona Jewish Connections

Temple Emanuel 225 N. Country Club. 520-327-4501

Jewishtucson.org for everything Jewish in Southern Arizona

Canadian Jews

Concordia University Jewish Studies

Iraqi Jews



Japanese Jewish Jews

Russian Jews

Sephardic Jews

Swedish Jews

Gateway to Swedish Jewry Swiss Dormant Bank Account Web Site Hatikva Project NEW!

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Jewish Music

Israel Gimel: Israeli-Yiddis-Klezmer, etc. Midi Music for free Jewish Midi Song Files

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Jewish/Hebrew Software & Computing

CompuJudaica ftp software archive- shareware, freeware, demos...
Israel Search Engine
Cool Jewish Sites Israel Yellow Pages
Davka Corp. software
Hebrew Flashcards- educational software
Hebrew Macintosh
Hebrew Software Page from Left to Right Software
Hebrew, Yiddish and Arabic software
Jerusalem One Software Library- software, clip arts, etc. (from Israel)
Jewish Software Center Catalogue
Jewish software for Windows (from England)
Kabbalah Software Co. and other Jewish software
Hebrew On The Internet, including Hebrew HTML
Rabbi Tracking Software from Life Cycle "HaMazkir"TM
ZigZag Jewish educational and entertainment software
JCN's Cool Jewish Sites
Mitz Pettel http://mitzpettel.com/software/
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Jewish Media

The Jewish Post of New York Online
Jewish Web/Net Week
"Jerusalem Post" On-Line Edition Daily Updates
Virtual Jerusalem News JTA global Jewish-related news and analysis
Virtual Jerusalem J-Pen: Forum for Jewish Journalists
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Council of Jewish Federations
Jewish Orphans Website History of HNOH and its allied orphanages, Alumni Information, Memories, Photos, Memorials, Jewish Child Care Association Information (JCCA), listing all the orphanages and other institutions under their care with information and histories for accessing records, and over 200 URL links to sites containing Jewish Genealogy and many other resources.
National Hadassah
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Kabbalah (Kabalah, Qabalah)

Bob Zucker's Kabbalah pages

Kabbalah Red String Bracelet, Kabalah books, CDs, VHS, posters and more

Judaic Kabbalah

Academy of Jersualem on Kabbalah

A Gateway to Kabbalah, Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh

Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Home Page (with music) R. Ashlav/Luria

Havienu Shalom a "virtual" congregation with mysticism links

Interview with Joseph Dan Introduction to Gamatria

Judaism, Mysticism and Chasidism from Judiasm.com

KABBALAH As Model For Healing (Academy of Jerusalem)

Kabbalah Bibliography (from Canada)

Kabalah Links Kabbalah: The Way of The Jewish Mystic

The Maimom Family Website from descendents of Moses Ben Maimon (Rambam)

Hasidic Stories: http://hasidicstories.com/

The Tanya

The Ten Sephiroth of Kabbalah by Eliezer Segal from Canada

The Thirteen Petalled Rose by Adin Steinsaltz

Kabbalah Learning Centre Home Page


Merkabah Animation

The Flower of Life: The Merkabah Meditation

Christian Kabbalahand Generic Cabala/Qabalah/Kabalah

"The Cabalists" "Order of Hermes" by Anders Sandberg

Christopher's Kabalah Page

Jewish and Christian Kabalah links

Kabalah Links


Kabbalah and the Zohar

More Qabalah

Sophia Divinity School degree in Kabbalah

Qabalah The Fastenings

Sefer Yezirah

Bob Zucker's developing online study on the "Sefer Yetzirah" and internet links


Bob Zucker's study on the golem with more than 100 links

An Acceptable Alternative: Virtual Reality Minyan

Background on the golem legends

Dolly the Cloned Sheep as a golem commentary from Canada

Jewish/Kosher Food

Kashrut.com: The Internet Kashrut Source
Keeping Kosher in Japan
Kosher: A Guide to Eating Jewishly from Chabad.org
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Israeli Resources

Israel Information Service Israel On-Line Jerusalem1
Jerusalem Website Jewish Books in Japan
Tel Aviv Stock Exchange Ltd.
Virtual Jerusalem
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Holocaust (Shoah)

Shoah Foundation Celebrates 10 Years (2004)
SHOAH Catalog of Holocaust Materials
Shoah Visual History Museum (founded by Steven Spielberg)
Holocaust: Non Jewish Victims of the Shoah
Responses to the Holocaust: A Hypermedia Sourcebook for the Humanities
The Holocaust Album
The Holocaust Memorial Center in Detroit, Michigan
The Holocaust Memorial Center in MD
The Listening Room: Holocaust with RealAudio The Nizkor Project

Japanese-Jewish Holocaust Links

Neshama and Inochi as bases for Israeli-Japanese Bioethical Communication
Japanese Museum teaches about SHOAH
Visas For Life: The Remarkable Story of Chiune and Yukiko Sugihara
Other Sites: Holocaust Information
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Other Jewish Internet Connections

Eilat, Israel: Radi-Yo, the site link is http://www.radi-yo.co.il Live broadcasts goes on every evening (israeli time) with hope to extend them later on. In the rest of times we broadcasts music sequence with both local and international music. The broadcastd are accompanied by a chat that gives people from outside Israel to meet nick-to-nick with people from Israel.

BEZEQ: Israel's White Pages
Hebrew University Information Servers
Jewish Communication Network
Tsuguya Sasaki's Web Guide: Israeli & Jewish
Cyberspace and the Virtual Shtel
JewishNet: Global Jewish Information Network
Jewish Resources on the Internet from Andrew Tannenbaum
Jewish Resources L'Chiam collection of Jewish resources on the internet
MAVEN The Guide to thousands of Jewish Links
San Francisco Bay Area Jewish Genealogy Society
Shamesh: The Jewish Intenet Connection
The (almost) complete guide to WWW in Israel
Jerusalem One: Virtual Jerusalem
North American Jewish Data Bank Home Page: http://web.gc.cuny.edu/dept/cjstu/na.htm

Jews in Arizona


Arizona Post newspaper

Bloom SW Jewish Archives: http://dizzy.library.arizona.edu/images/swja/swjalist.html

Jewish Community Foundation of Southern Arizona: http://jcftucson.org/

UA Hillel Foundation: www.israel.hillel.org


Jewish Federation in Phoenix's Youth Leadership Division

Phoenix Jewish News: http://www.jewishaz.com/

Jewish Pen Pals

Virtual Jerusalem Pen Pals

Jewish Singles

Jewish Holidays

Jewish Genealogy

Jewish guide and genealogy in Poland, Cracow and Auschwitz by Tomasz Cebulski, przewodnik - guide: www.jewish-guide.pl

Jewish Home Page

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