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I am Bob Zucker, from Tucson Arizona, moderator of this web page. I am the publisher of the (also known as web site, newspaper adviser to the Aztec Press, Pima Community College's weekly, and instructor/webmaster at the Department of Journalism and the University of Arizona. I started in publishing in 1977 with the Entertainment Magazine, a monthly distributed throughout Tucson and Arizona. In 1995, publication went online. My family came from Galicia at the turn of the century.

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Hello, one more Robert Zucker. I`m 38 and life in Berchtesgaden in Bavaria, Germany. The name Zucker ist not very common, even in Germany. Therefore I was quite amused finding your Robert Zucker homepage while brousing with Google . Some of the Zuckers geneology on your homepage lead to Galizia or to Eastern Europe. Our family has emigrated from Karlsbad, Northern Bohemia about 200 years ago and lived then in the region of Nόrnberg, Bavaria, where my father Heinz Zucker and even me have been born. We are ether protestant or katholic and for the last four generations we had mixed katholic/ protestant marriages. Here in Berchtesgaden lives another family Zucker, which is not related with mine, at least not closely. As I`ve learned they have emigrated from Northern Bohemia too but after World War II. I΄m very curious which other Zuckers I will find on your homepage. Best Regards, Robert Zucker: [email protected]

Hello, My name is Robert Zucker as well; I am 22 and just graduated college. I believe my uncle, Steven Zucker has He lives in Arizona too. Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you that you have a great website. This email address is good for Martin, Nina and Rob
Zucker in West Orange, NJ, formerly from Long Island, NY.We were at a funeral on Long Island today and visited the zucker section of the cemetery which sparked my interest in finding your site again. [email protected]

I'm Bob Zucker Grubb. I was born to Joseph and Anne Zucker in 1939. My grandfather was Benjamin Zucker who emigrated from Galicia. When my mom and dad were divorced I assumed my step-father's name of Grubb. I live in Delray Beach, FL. Took an early retirement from IBM in 94 and wrote my first novel which is currently with a NY agent. Also getting lots of rejections. Trying to get published is akin to winning the lottery. I have lived in Bermuda, Bahamas, Trinidad, Paris, Pgh, Houston, MN, and FL. I have one son, Robert James who currently resides in Almere, Netherlands. Best regards, Bob Zucker Grubb ([email protected])

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