Living Inside Your Dreams

Chapter 6:
HYPNOPOMPIC: passage into wakefulness

Sometimes, just before fully awakening in the morning, the strage feeling of finding awareness suspended somewhere between the waking state and the remnants of a dream may occur.

The scenes and voices of the dream are still visualized. Consciousness is alert and aware that it is awake,.. but still dreaming!

This is the hypnopompic period of consciousness. It appears as sleep disappears.

Awareness of this "in-between period" is common for those who get the chance to drift in' and out of sleep, usually in the early morning hours, and still dream. Children seem to be able to accomplish this rather easily. By not interupting the stream of thought during the dream, it can be continued in a semi-aware light sleep.

The hypnopomic is similar to the hypnogogic state, where both experiences occur as the mind passes in or out of sleep.

On a morning you can awake early, let yourself drift in and out of sleep with as much awareness of the process as possible. Consciousness will seem to alternate between two "realities" of being awake and of being in a light dreamy sleep.

Try to control the actions of dreams through this method, It is a profound experience to step into the subconscious consciously. Continuous practice is needed. Less and less attention is usually given to our dream experiences and they soon become alienated from our waking life. The more attention given just before fully waking up, the more lucid they will appear. .

How well do you remember your last dream this morning?


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