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Entertainment Magazine On Line (EMOL.org) has been a resource to watch and download legal and free public domain movies and cartoons on the Internet for over a decade.

Millions of people have accessed our collection of links to the top free classic films and animations available online without cost or subscription.

There are numerous ways to watch these free movies online and to download them to play on computers and mobile devices. Most movies offer a streaming link and a download link. Learn more about playing and downloading free movies on the Internet. Read the Free Movie FAQ.

Free Public Domain Movies

Movies that are in the public domain can be freely downloaded for personal and commercial use without copyright infringement or royalty fees. Links to the films in this collection can be watched streaming online without charge, and in many cases, downloaded for free. Learn more about public domain movies.

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Watching movies on a mobile device

Mobile users are encouraged to use a WiFi connection to avoid cellular use charges. The best option for watching streaming video is to download the movie files on your PC first, and synch the movie to your device. Then, you can watch the film without spending any cell phone data. Instead of streaming these movies, learn how to watch or download free movies using Mobile Devices FAQ.

Once you have downloaded a free movie to play on a computer or mobile device, there are several things to consider. Since there are so many different smartphones, tablets, laptops, Macs and PCs, not all movies will play on every device.

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Read the Free Movie FAQ

Find out how to watch and download free, legal movies on the web:

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The Entertainment Magazine does not link to any movie providers or hosts without authorization from the sources. While there are limited options now to obtain free movies, there are some types of films that are actually free to own, download and play on numerous electronic devices. Read more about Public Domain Movies.

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