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For more than nine years, the Entertainment Magazine On Line ( has been a legitimate, legal resource for free public domain films to watch online and download to play on computers and mobile devices.

All of these movies are legal to download and play online. This collection of vintage films are some of the most popular classic releases available to own for free.

By Bob Zucker, publisher

Since is one of the oldest web sites on the Internet- online since 1995- we have been able to find the most popular films that you can feel safe to own for yourself for free.

Play and download these movies on most on tablets, smartphones, Macs and PCs. No special software is needed. But, avoid cell phone charges on mobile devices.

This collection of movies has been converted to digital video. The picture and sound quality may vary, depending on the original print.

No membership, fees, subscriptions or registration is required to download or play a movie. Just select, click and enjoy!

How to watch or download free movies

There are a few ways how to play or download these movies.

Play these free movies anywhere without downloading. Simply, click the start button on the movie page. How to Watch Free Movies FAQ.

Download these free movies, when available, and synch to your mobile device or watch on your computer later. How to Download Free Movies FAQ.

Mobile users are encouraged to use a wireless WiFi connection to avoid cellular use charges.

Watching streaming movies, without having to download anything, is the safest way to view any video on the Internet.

But, if you are using a mobile device that charges for data, this is not a good way to spend your precious megabytes. A full movie can take 200MB of data!

The best option is to use Wi-Fi, LTE or download the movie files to your PC and synch to your device. Then, yu can watch the film without spending any data.

Instead of streaming these movies, learn how to watch or download free movies using Mobile Devices FAQ.

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Since 2005, Entertainment Magazine has provided our readers free movies to watch and download from legal sources.

Entertainment Magazine links to only legal and legitimate, public domain sources for movies, cartoons and video sources. Movies, videos and trailers in the public domain do not have a copyright any longer. They are free to watch, distribute and download from the source.

Problems with viewing any of these movies? Occasionally, links to movies break, or go out of date, and must be repaired. Please let us know if you can't watch a particular movie title or there is a copyright concern. Email:

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