EMOL.org Begins Its Fifth Year Online

The Internet edition of the Entertainment Magazine, EMOL.org, began its fifth year online in January 1999. EMOL.org was one of the first Arizona newspapers to establish a web site in January 1995.

"The multi-media capability of the Internet allows us to publish an international, interactive, electronic newspaper," says Robert Zucker, EMOL.org publisher.

The EMOL.org web site contains hundreds of pages and receives an average of 35-40,000 HTML hits a week from around the world. Tucsonans log on to the web site weekly for community updates, events and night life while virtual visitors from around the world learn about the Southwest US and shop with EMOL.org's commercial clients..

The web site hosts more than a dozen non-profit organizations in the Southwest US. Web feature pages for Tucson Rodeo & Parade, Tucson Gem & Mineral Show, Tucson Open University and others are frequently updated with new information. Tours of the Arizona Renaissance Festival, Mt. Lemmon, hiking around Tucson, the Grand Canyon and Petrified Forest provide a visual overview of the area. EMOL.org hosts home pages for community information on Phoenix, Tempe, Scottsdale, Flagstaff, Tombstone and dozens of other Arizona communities.

EMOL.org also covers a wide variety of areas of interest, including national entertainment, film, music, Judaism, parapsychology, and a multitude of Internet resources. A Japanese section, called Nihongo, provides a gateway to and from Japan in both English and Japanese with more than a hundred links into Japan. There is also a section on Judiasm and parapsychology.

The Tucson, Phoenix, and Arizona home page links to dozens of pages with events and night life listings, coverage of the local music scene, community organizations, classifieds and numerous features about Arizona and the surrounding area.

EMOL.org hosts more than a dozen commercial web sites through its VirtualMall. These business help subsidize the cost of maintaining the web site. From The Tack Room, Bunbuku and several other restaurants menus are on available with a link to place an e-mail reservations. Furniture can be ordered through a virtual catalog from Dorson's Home Interiors. Other commercial sites sell security items, health and fitness services, and real estate on line.

The Entertainment Magazine was first published in 1977 as the Youth Awareness Press, then later as Tucson Teen. The publications have provided hundreds of students and interns from around the world with journalism opportunities.

EMOL.org is published through Community Media Services, a project of SW Alternatives Institute, Inc., a non profit tax-exempt organization. Robert Zucker, publisher and founder of EMOL.org is also the founder of the Entertainment Magazine newspaper in 1977. This publication served the Tucson and Arizona regions with information about places to go and things to do. Zucker is an instructor in the journalism department at the University of Arizona. He also teaches and is newspaper adviser at at Pima Community College. Recently, Zucker was recognized in several Who's Who directories and provides web publishing and Internet consulting services.

Web site address is www.emol.org

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