The Twilight of Consciousness

Twilight of ConsciousnessHow to Control Your Deams with Astral Projection

A new book, "Twilight of Consciousness" by publisher and author Robert E. Zucker, examines the dream state and how to achieve astral projection using simple and easy to follow techniques.

Read sample pages from "Twilight of Consciousness" and learn how to control your dreams and achieve astral projection. This book will soon be available on Amazon.com.


Twilight of Consciousness: Astral Projection

A dream can take you to the deepest reaches of the galaxy without having to move an inch. You can be by the ocean side or upon a desolate mountain top, yet still laying peacefully in bed.

There is no limit to where your mind can take you. Those nocturnal journeys are more than hallucinations and imagination– they are a mirror into our soul and a reflection of the world around us.

For some, this mysterious place is a called the Astral World. We visit the Astral World every night when we dream.

Within the quiet realm of sleep, a magical world unfolds before our closed eyes. We are guided on a spectacular journey into another dimension of our mind– and into another existence.

Each night, in the midst of sleep, we are guided on a spectacular journey: As we travel in our dreams, we become a part of a mysterious world where life seems to exist in another dimension. We are taken to places we may never have seen before and do things we would never expect to do.

Our nocturnal wandering carry us along on a continuous flow of unusual sights and happenings.

We met people and beings who constantly involve us in bizarre and often dramatic adventures. We find ourselves in unfamiliar surroundings which constantly change on us. We are taken to new places in a matter of milliseconds.

Throughout the night, we find ourselves acting as performers on the stage of this surreal world. This alternate world that envelopes our minds during sleep reaches each and every one of us every night.

We need not move any further than we are right now to get there. It comes to us under the disguise of a dream and carries us away.

Take a journey into your own dreams and discover yourself.

Journey into Your Dreams Index

Gateway into the Astral World page 5

  • Meeting the Dweller on the Threshold 7
  • Dreams: Magic of the Astral 16
  • The Twilight of Consciousness 20
  • Living Inside Your Dreams 25
  • Dream that you are dreaming 29
  • Entering the Astral 33
  • The Lucid Dream State 35
  • Sleep: The Darkening Veil 38
  • Dissociative Experiences: Separating Body & Mind 40

DREAMING: into the Astral 42

  • The Hypnogogic: Projection into the Astral 45
  • Grasping the “between world" 48
  • Hypnopompic: Passage into Wakefulness 51
  • Serotonin: Human Sleep Inducer 53
  • Drugs: Shortcut to the Astral 57
  • Flow of Consciousness: The Magic Mirror 60

Awareness: Stepping into the Subconscious 62

  • Dual Consciousness: the two brains within us 64
  • Magic of Your Mind 66 Electricity of the Brain– Spark of Energy 66
  • Brain Waves: Spectrum of Consciousness 68
  • Biocycles: Rhythm of the Body 71
  • Biofeedback: Body Monitors 74
  • Breath and Relaxation: Tuning Inside 76
  • Energy Centers: Link to Consciousness 78
  • Flow of the Body: Control the Vital Signs 81

Step into the Twilight 84

  • Meditation: Surfing the Alpha State 84
  • Meditation: The Practice 87
  • Peak Experiences 91
  • Jewish Mysticism & Dreams 94
  • Merkabah– Riding the Chariot 94 Ezekiel’s Vision of the Chariot 95
  • Yoga and Breath: Link between Mind & Body 98

Symbols 101

  • Symbols are in the eyes of the beholder 104
  • Mandalas: Symbols for Meditation 108
  • Maya: Illusions of Reality 109

Mastering Astral Projection 112

  • Manage Your Dreams 117
  • Evoking Dream Consciousness 119
  • Keep tabs with a dream journal 124
  • Transitional Thoughts 126
  • “I have a theory, and it is only a theory…” 126
  • A Hymn of the Thought Gods 128
  • Magick is Science 130
  • Author 131
  • Letters 133
  • Other Books by Robert Zucker 134
  • Index 136

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