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Searching for Arizona Gold

The Santa Catalina Mountains, north of Tucson, Arizona has long been mined for gold, copper and other precious metals.

Early mining activities have been dated from the late1600s, when the Spaniards ruled the land and mined the mountains.

The Arizona Gold Rush began in the 1880s. Over a century of news, literature and film paints the portrait of gold and silver bullion treasures in the Santa Catalina Mountains in Southern Arizona.

CodyStone: cut and polished cab with gold and silver streaks. Specimen of Cody Stone is on display at the University of Arizona Mineral Museum's "100 Years of Arizona's Best- the Minerals That Made the State" exhibit. See more specimens of CodyStone.

History and Legends

Arizona Gold Rush history

The Iron Door Mine legend and facts

The Lost City of the Catalinas

The Lost Mission of Santa Catalinas

Buffalo Bill Cody mining in Arizona

Mysterious Santa Catalinas Monolith, on a small bluff is a huge, ancient monolith with unusual markings. See photos and read about the Oracle Ridge Monolith.


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