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Videos of the history and legends of the West

Watch several videos and discover the lost history and legends of the Old West. Flint Carter, Arizona prospector and historian, has compiled numerous videos in the Western US near Tucson, Arizona. The area is well known for gold and copper mining. Discover more about the Legends of the Old West with Flint.

Videos of the Old West

Lost Mission in the Cañada del Oro

The Lost City in the Santa Catalinas.

History in the Hills

Flint Carter demonstrates gold panning

"Mine with the Iron Door" screening

Iron Door Mine For Sale

Lecture by Flint Carter June 12, 2010.

Interview with Flint Carter on KVOA-TV

Tour Cañada del Oro- the Canyon of Gold

The San Xavier Mission

Iron Door Mine legend

Iron Door Mine ride at Old Tucson Studios

Links to more videos on Flint Carter and the Lost Mission, Lost Mine and Iron Door Mine

  • Archeology dig of the old mission, Part 1
  • Archeology dig, Part 2

Mining and the CodyStone

Gold Prospecting in the Cañada del Oro with Flint Carter

Flint’s appearance at THE ORACLE INN This Saturday, December 17th, 2011 from 2pm to 4pm to sell his work. And discuss Southern Arizona History. The Cody Stone jewelry:

Exploring the legend with Flint Carter

For more information:

Flint Carter
[email protected]


Prospecting for Gold with Flint Carter

Join Flint Carter on a journey through the back hills of the Santa Catalina Mountains to find gold. Explore Campo Bonito and the Cañada del Oro - Canyon of Gold.

Flint Carter demonstrates his collection of precious minerals, of gold, silver and quartz, from the Santa Catalina Mountains. Flint mines the stones and fashions them into jewelry and polished stones. See samples of Cody Stone and jewelry.


Cody Stone

Silver ore in quartz, jewelry grade, samples and art

Cody Stone

The Only Source from Tucson's Mt. Lemmon in The Santa Catalinas

Flint Carter, a Tucson, Arizona miner, has samples of "Cody Stone" mined in the Santa Catalina Mountains of Southern Arizona. This stone is jewelry grade silver and quartz ore, and weighs 8 pounds plus. It also contains scheelite and fluoresces valued at $5 a carat. This particular piece is the second largest specimen recovered. Extremely rare. There is a 40 page provenance of the object, including an assay by the University of Arizona and opinions from the Gem Institute of America and other sources. Asking $50,000.

More samples of Cody Stone and jewelry.

Call Flint at 520-289-4566 for more information.

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