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Gidi Gidi Gi by Iye Teblu: The Most Awarded Colombian Short Film Of The Moment On The Planet

He has written and produced forty seven hits on Billboard’s Latin charts with his band Monsieur Job, and now Toby Holguín, under the pseudonym Iye Teblu, is achieving one of the most important moments in Colombian cinema in recent times with his first short film “Gidi Gidi Gi” which he wrote, directed, produced and acted in.

(Monsieur Job’s new album is titled: “TNTO TIEMP_O SIN VERT”. It was released globally in November 2023. The album was conceived by Toby and his musical partner Leo Jaramillo. It has had more than 1,200,000 views)

“Gidi Gidi Gi” is a thriller about bank robberies in which he appears alongside Colombian actors Alejandro Buenaventura, Susana Rojas and Oscar Rodríguez. It is an amazing and exciting high-level short film that explores the true bonds of friendship.

There was a generation of artists in Cali that coincided with the bloodiest era of drug trafficking in Colombia. Shouting “The country is collapsing and we are partying,” a group of filmmakers, writers, photographers and designers created the Caliwood movement during the 70s and 80s. His story is that of the May 68 hangover, the hippie communes, sexual liberation and endless nights of drugs, salsa and rock and roll.

Today Iye Teblu is the last link in all that cinematographic fever born in Cali and that revolutionized the seventh art in Colombia. He is now writing the history of national cinema with “Gidi Gidi Gi.” As director Iye Teblu has taken home recognition in Berlin, Cannes and Paris. It is a resounding success that has rarely been seen in recent years for a national short film.

The producer of “Gidi Gidi Gi” is Mierda Frita, a company established in Colombia.

1. Los Angeles Festivals
2. Rome International Movie Awards
3. Independent Shorts Awards, Los Angeles (Two Awards)
4. South Films and Arts Academy Festival
5. Korea International Film Festival
6. Five Continents International Film Festival
7. The Grand Cine Carnival Maldives
8. Madras Independent Film Festival
9. Kiez Berlin Film Festival
10. Cinema Paris Film Festival Best Short Film
11. Cinema Paris Film Festival (Best Director)
12. Madonie Film Festival, Sicily (Best Short Film)
13. Madonie Film Festival, Sicily (Science Fiction)
14. Shunyatam International Film Festival
15. International Media Arts Film Awards
16. Hottomela International Film Festival
17. Cannes World Film Festival
18. Out Of The Can International Film Festival
19. Cannes World Film Festival: Best Director, Best Fantasy Film, Best Sci-Fi, Best Experimental (Four Awards)

Athens International Monthly Art Film Festival
Playback International Film Festival, Manchester, UK
HIFF – HALO International Film Festival

Hollywood Blood Horror Festival

Sweden Film Awards

Swedish International Film Festival
TIFA – Tiete International Film Festival Shorted
HIFF – HALO International Film Festival

AIFF Alternative Film Festival

Los Angeles Film Awards
Crown Wood International Film Festival
Dubai Film Festival
Film Boxe International Monthly Festival
American Golden Picture International Film Festival
Best International Film Festival
Cinematography & Photography Awards
Top Shorts

From creating forty seven Billboard Latin Chart hits (and counting) and generating over one million views for their newest album “TNTO TIEMP_O SIN VERT” with Monsieur Job – to writing/directing/producing the short film “Gidi Gidi Gi” under the name Iye Teblu, which has already garnered nineteen awards from prestigious film festivals around the world – Toby Holguin has proven himself a true renaissance man in the world of entertainment.

Originating out of Cali, Colombia, and once a heralded football player with thoughts of sports stardom, Toby got into music and entertainment almost by accident, being called into duty to be the singer of his friend’s band in high school. Since then, the acclaimed artist and entertainment impresario has spent countless hours honing his craft, putting forth uncompromising effort, both in the studio working diligently on his music and on the set writing/directing/producing under film moniker Iye Teblu, where Holguin has been able to deftly focus his efforts parallelly into filmmaking, alongside film production group Mierda Frita, achieving truly dizzying heights as a leader in both fields.

Iye Teblu is an experimental artist that writes, directs and acts from pure sensitivity. He has no formal film training or education, but his life is truly a movie.

Monsieur Job began as a solo project for Toby. Looking to stimulate collaboration, he then decided to form a band with a musician he knew to be top notch, Leo Jaramillo from Bogota, Colombia, formerly of Vía Rustica and La Mojarra Eléctrica. Toby also performs as a DJ and electronic producer as a Bora Bora Resident (since 2012), was on the Bora Bora World Tour 2012 – 2014, and Ashbury & Haight (Universal Music Mexico 2004, Universal Music Brazil 2005).

Visit online:

Monsieur Job website

Basswalk Music

Iye Teblu

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 By Miv Evans

This documentary isn’t the gripping spy thriller the filmmakers claim. Reenactments replace history and the narrator is the giggly 90-year-old widow of the film’s subject. It all seems pretty mundane until, unexpectedly, the little old lady’s facade is stripped away. Then it gets fascinating.

Ted Hall was an 18-year-old Harvard graduate when he was recruited to work on what was to become the world’s first atomic bomb. A year later, the fruits of US science were dropped onto Japan’s homeland and Hall did not approve. He claimed he secretly believed that a U.S. post-war monopoly of such a powerful weapon could lead to nuclear catastrophe. Two months later, he started passing key information about the bomb to the Soviet Union. In other words, a rich kid decided to save the world.

At the time, the president of the Soviet Union was Stalin. Hall had a world of rulers to choose from but decided to get into bed with a dictator who had famously executed a million of his own people. Why didn’t he head for a democratic country, such as the UK? They had just led the charge to eradicate that other well-known psychopath and their total execution of nationals was zero.

Not satisfied with having established himself as a traitor, Hall then went on to claim, in an old video recording, that Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were innocent of the crime they were executed for. He and a friend acted alone. His excuse for not coming forward was that his wife talked him out of it. She told him that it wouldn’t help the Rosenbergs and would make their own lives ‘difficult.’ Perhaps that’s something she’d like to repeat to the Rosenberg’s sons who were orphaned when those switches got flicked. Having established herself and her husband as reprehensible, she then goes on to voice her disgust at the American people for celebrating the executions. She thought it was in very poor taste.

Joan Hall assassinates what’s left of her character by admitting she didn’t ever take her membership of the Communist Party seriously. The only thing she enjoyed was the social side. Apparently, the happy couple drove past the Rosenberg’s prison on their way to one of their parties on the night of the execution. That might seem bizarre but, as the self-proclaimed ‘compassionate spy’ said, it would have been tricky to explain their absence. Spoken like a true hero.

A Compassionate Spy – Official Trailer (2023) – YouTube

Directed by Steve James
Produced by Steve James, David Lindorff, Mark Mitten

Film Miv Evans New Releases

DEATH OF A WHISTLEBLOWER – Getting on the Short List

By Miv Evans


In this thriller, subterfuge is played out against an ancient backdrop of political struggle.  Every aspect is compelling but, at times, the narrative gets bogged down and lacks clarity.  But even at its foggiest, the story whispers, ‘It’s the truth.’  The writing may not be the best but Death of a Whistleblower isn’t just a film.  It’s a whistleblower in and of itself. 

Luyanda Masinda’s (Noxolo Dlamini’s) is a South African investigative journalist.  One night she ends up in a Johannesberg bar with a fellow wordsmith, Stanley Galloway (Rob van Vuuren). Galloway is the editor of a high-profile political outlet and attractive enough for Luyanda to accept his invitation to go home with him.  The following morning, just after they leave Galloway’s apartment, their car is rammed, The two are surrounded and Galloway is  assassinated.  Luyanda escapes relatively unscathed but becomes consumed with her quest to track down the people who orchestrated her lover’s death.

The deeper Luyanda digs, the more dangerous her quest becomes.  Within days, she discovers that South Africa may be a victim of state capture.  Evidence points to a corrupt group of politicians who are covertly hiring out government troops, military equipment and chemical weapons to rogue African countries.  There is a moment of story clarity when the intrepid Luyanda confronts a military elite about what she has discovered.  It’s a long journey to get to this point, but perhaps the filmmaker wanted to make sure no one gets left out when the lid is finally blown open.

There is more than one person to whom the title of this film could be referring.  The obvious choice is Stanley Galloway who was planning to whistleblow on a global scale.  Then there is Albert Loots (Irshaad Allywho), a military employee who dices with death by smuggling  top secret data on a daily basis.  The third contender is Luyanda herself, who pokes the bear with no thought for personal safety.  Sadly, these three are not alone.  The remaining contenders are listed at the end of the film.  They’re amongst the many who, like Galloway, paid the ultimate price for loving their country.

Perhaps this film explains South African’s perpetual absence on the global stage.  Israel, with a population of nine million, is never out of the news.  South Africa, with a population of 60 million, is never in it.  It could be that that’s how the government has engineered it, or it  could be that the the world isn’t yet ready to let go of the Mandela Fairy Tale.  Surely Apartheid didn’t get replaced by something that can’t even pass the smell test?

Death Of A Whistleblower TRAILER – YouTube


Toronto International Film Festival

World Premiere:
*Saturday, September 9th at 2:45pm EST
TIFF Bell Lightbox (Cinema 1)

Additional Public Screenings:
*Sunday, September 10th at 9:40pm EST
ScotiaBank (Cinema 7)

*Sunday, September 17th at 10pm EST
ScotiaBank (Cinema 10)

Film Miv Evans New Releases

IMAGINING THE INDIAN   –  Promoting the ‘R’ Word

By Miv Evans

This emotionally charged documentary tells a tale that started 800 years ago.  At this time, the citizens of 500 Indian nations were the only ones who called the US home.  When their sovereignty was stolen, so their fight began.  And they have been fighting ever since.     

One of the many organizations doing battle is The Fight Against American Mascoting Their goal is to stop sports clubs using the names and mascots of tribes to which they have no affiliation.  Not only is this exploitation, but their derisory presentations cast a slur on indigenous culture.  But when wealthy organizations were informed that they were insulting their countrymen, they made it clear they didn’t care.  

An appalling example of this is when, in 2000, the Cleveland baseball team was asked to cease use of their cartoonish ‘chief’ logo.  Despite widespread racial justice protests, they kept it until 2018.  An even more contentious battle was fought with the Washington ‘Redskins.’  They would undoubtedly still be using the ‘R’ word had Fedex not threatened to remove their sponsorship if they didn’t comply.     

There are a lot more confounding stories like this, many with less successful endings.  And as disappointing as these disclosures are, is it really a surprise?  With America so unashamedly entrenched in capitalism, an extra kick at morality’s soul is par for the course.  But what is truly shocking is that thousands of schools swim in the same pool as Big Sport.  Like the clubs, they’re fully aware they’re causing offense, but they carry on regardless.  Are these really the kind of people who should be guiding  young Americans  into adulthood?     

Fortunately, however, not all hope is lost.  There’s a heartwarming interview with a young schoolgirl who didn’t find out until she was a teenager that the name of her school was ‘politically incorrect.’   And when she discovered it was causing distress to millions, she was horrified.  She lobbied her school board and succeeded where some very expensive lawyers failed.  She got the name of her school changed.  Perhaps this budding activist should spend less time in the classroom and more time on the road, explaining to unenlightened educators that all lives matter.    

The fact that so many people have been fighting their cause for so long opens the door to a very big question.  Why hasn’t the ‘greatest nation in the world’ made the abuse of Indigenous Culture a form of hate crime?   It’s a dramatic step but if millions of Americans really think the name of their sports team is more important than the dignity of an entire race, the law has to explain that it’s not. 


Adam J. Segal • The 2050 Group – Publicity
212-642-4317 (Office) • 202-422-4673 (Cell)
[email protected] •

Film Miv Evans New Releases

THE JEWEL THIEF – The unfathomable Mastermind

By Miv Evans

Our fascination with the criminal world has prompted filmmakers to keep churning out anything that shines a spotlight on the bottomless underworld. So there is plenty of room for a tale about a Canadian criminal who claims new lands as his own, and preferably those that are laced with landmines.  The Canadian is called Gerald Blanchard and he narrates a most fascinating tale.

Gerald was adopted as a baby.  His parents divorced when he was young and his mother uprooted him from a city he loved and took him to Omaha, Nebraska.   He was skinny and wore spectacles and his ‘nerdiness’ got him the wrong kind of attention.  Bullied and friendlesa, he buried himself in the art of electronics but, after a while, he became restless.  His life was boring and meaningless and he started thinking of ways to make it more interesting.  And just like that, his pre-teen criminal career was launched. 

Instead of following in the footsteps of everyday shoplifters, Gerald creates something a lot more sophisticated.  He becomes a thief, of course, but around the thieving he builds a sophisticated system that enables him to achieve full retail price for everything he steals  And he steals a lot.  But when he gets stopped by the police with a car full of stolen goods, he gets clean away with it. Emboldened by his success, he progresses from car loads to trucks.   Within weeks of launching his new career, he is, without doubt, the highest earning schoolboy in the entire Americas.

There is much in this documentary that seems far-fetched, but facts are backed by the many witnesses who share first-hand accounts of Gerald’s daring.  These include the two boys he enlists to accompany him on his shoplifting sprees.  Their young lives are forever changed by the skinny kid who is fearless, ingenious and who treats his interactions with the police as some kind of game.  He just doesn’t take the law seriously.  And when he eventually gets arrested and deported to Canada, instead of regretting the folly of his ways, his activities escalate.  But this renewed boldness attracts the attention of two Winnipeg detectives who spend the rest of their working lives in pursuit of the unfathomable criminal who’s causing global mayhem.

There are many intriguing aspects to this story, but the most fascinating of all is Gerald’s pervasive desire to dance with fate.  There are times when, even though he can easily escape, he puts himself in harm’s way.  And instead of enjoying his new jet-set life, he goads the very people who want to take away his freedom.  Gerald has a lot to say about his escapades, but makes no comment on his compulsion to stare down the barrel of a gun.  Perhaps that’s because it’s a flaw he doesn’t celebrate, or perhaps even the mastermind himself doesn’t know what keeps dragging him to the edge of the precipice.      


BrazilO ladrão de joiasJul 13, 2023(internet)
United StatesThe Jewel ThiefJul 13, 2023(Hulu and Disney+)Jul 13, 2023(internet)
SpainThe Jewel ThiefJul 13, 2023(internet)
Celebrities Film New Releases

Zachary Levi on ‘Shazam 2’ Brawl with Helen Mirren & Her Broken Pinky

Zachary Levi is suiting up again in “Shazam! Fury of the Gods,” this time taking on a trio of villains played by Dame Helen Mirren, Lucy Liu and Rachel Zegler.

“Extra’s” Terri Seymour spoke with Levi about going head-to-head with Mirren and an injury she suffered during filming.

Of their fight sequence, Zachary noted that it “doesn’t really get cooler than that,” adding, “We beat the crap out of each other and she was so about it.”

That massive brawl lead to Helen injuring her pinky — but nobody knew about it until recently!

Zachary commented, “I found out with the rest of the world when she was on ‘Graham Norton,’ so I had no idea this was even happening. But she’s such a trouper. She just kept pushing right through it.”

Zachary praised Helen, saying, “She’s everything you want her to be, she’s everything you think, everything you think she could be and what you, you hope that she’s gonna be. And then some, really… She’s a dame, but doesn’t throw that around, she’s just super chill and cool and grounded and humble and collaborative and brings such a grace and a calming presence wherever she goes… You just feel like you’re in really safe, good hands with her.”

As for returning to the “Shazam” world as Shazam aka Billy Batson, Levi commented, “It’s so great. I was so grateful and so blessed that I got the job to begin with in the first one. We had so much fun making the first one and are so grateful for everyone who went out and saw the movie both in the theaters and then later, and supported us and have continued to support me… The fact that we got a sequel is just such a huge win, and I’m really grateful that we get to run this back, that I get to play this character more because it’s so fun.”

In the new movie, Levi’s Shazam is feeling like a fraud, which he said was fun for him to play. He said, “It doesn’t take much to tap into one’s own imposter syndrome… As an actor, I don’t know, you’re always kind of wondering, ‘Is this good, Am I not? Do people enjoy this?’ I go and try and find that and recognize that Billy, like everybody else, is trying to find his place in the world and wants to be the best brother and the best son and the best leader and all these things that he can be… It’s fun being able to kind of tap into more human moments like that.”

If there is a third “Shazam!” movie, where would he like it to go?
Zachary answered, “I would like to see the Shazamily taking on the undead, like hordes of the undead that are just coming at them. I think that would be fun.”

He went on, “With these movies, you gotta have a villain… It’s tough,, though because you don’t want to make it, you know, regular human beings, you don’t wanna be going and killing a bunch of human beings, or whatever. Like, who can you lay waste to that as the audience, you’re not totally, like, you know, alienating everybody? And that’s why oftentimes you have aliens or you have robots or you have things like that, but I’ve never seen the undead. I really want to see that.”

As for who could play the next baddie, Levi suggested a British actor. He pointed out, “The Brits always play good foils. You know, it’s ‘Star Wars,’ you guys are always the bad guys, so I don’t know. I haven’t really got so far as to who that character who would play that character would be but I think in a general premise, I think zombies would be a lot of fun to kill.”

Levi isn’t sure when a third movie could come out, noting, “We gotta go tell people to watch this one.” He added that it’s up to the bosses to determine the future of the franchise.

Could Shazam appear in any other upcoming movies? Zachary played coy, saying, “I don’t know. Way above my pay grade.”
Regardless of who he is killing, Zachary has to be in Shazam shape. Of his workout routine for the second movie, he dished, “I mean, the first time was a little more intense because I had to put on weight that I had never really had before. I was always about 200 lbs. most of my life… and I put on about 20 more lbs. for the first film. Then I just tried to maintain that as best I could, but that still requires, you know, 45 days in the gym and 4,000, 5,000 calories a day, which is really the worst part of the whole deal.”

Along with working out, Levi ate “boring calories,” like chicken and broccoli.

Zachary loves to challenge himself, so what was the most challenging part of the movie? He answered, “The most challenging part of this movie was the harness work. Every time you’re flying, you have to wear these incredibly tight harnesses that might as well just be diapers that are torture diapers, basically. That’s what they are and, so, those suck and they hurt a lot and they chafe and they bruise and they cut and they do all these things.”

“Shazam! Fury of the Gods” is in theaters March 17.

YouTube link.

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Film Miv Evans New Releases


By Miv Evans

The stories of the teenagers featured in this documentary are all compelling but, unfortunately, the power of their material is never fully ignited. What could have been a ‘docbuster’ is instead an interesting ride, but interesting enough to pique audience curiosity to make them want more. As this is more than most films achieve, it makes HUDSON, AMERICA a movie to watch.

The filmmakers follow six first-generation Gen-Z Bangladeshi immigrant students over a six-year period. The first interviews take place in 2016, just after the teenagers have graduated from high school and before they leave the safety of their insular Muslim community.

The filmmakers continue interviewing the students until 2022, but it seems however far these youngsters travel, they can never escape from the constraints of their heritage.

One of the first people we meet is a teenager who’s in a serious relationship with an all- American girl. In his 2016 interview, he has no doubts as to where his life is heading, so it’s possibly as much of a surprise to him as it is to us that he U-turned of his own volition.

It’s an intriguing switch but, unfortunately, the details of his metamorphosis are never shared. This is not only a loss for the film, but also a lost opportunity for this charismatic young man to open a million pairs of eyes.

Another fascinating character is a self-appointed mentor who presents herself as mundane but, behind that silky hijab, loiters America’s very own Joan of Arc. We meet her briefly and then the story fast forwards to a societal tsunami of this young lady’s making.

Unfortunately, the audience never learns how this quiet revolutionary caused the furor that turned her into a persona non grata. If she’d been encouraged to share her story, a layer of her mysterious culture would have undoubted been laid bare.

A lot of themes are covered in this film. Religion and family pressures have clear connections to the subjects’ ethnicity, but when the story strays into #MeToo territory, politics and even 9/11, it becomes confusing.

Perhaps if Joan of Arc had been our narrator, she could have stitched all those threads together and given us a tantalizing look into a world to which she is inextricably bound.

Fortunately, the subjects of this film are on the cusp of their lives, so there’s time for more interviews that will hopefully include the fallout from Hudson, America – Part 1.

Watch the trailer here –

Produced by 18 Street Productions


Geoffrey Hug | Zuzka Kurtz


Geoffrey Hug


Geoffrey Hug | Ramisa Tasnim


Geoffrey Hug

Film New Releases


Warp into the new official trailer for THE SUPER MARIO BROS. MOVIE.

#SuperMarioMovie is in theaters April 7.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie – Only In Theaters April 7, 2023

Official Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | TikTok | #SuperMarioMovie

From Nintendo and Illumination comes a new animated film based on the world of Super Mario Bros. 

Directed by Aaron Horvath and Michael Jelenic (collaborators on Teen Titans Go!Teen Titans Go! To the Movies) from a screenplay by Matthew Fogel (The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part, Minions: The Rise of Gru), the film stars Chris Pratt as Mario, Anya Taylor-Joy as Princess Peach, Charlie Day as Luigi, Jack Black as Bowser, Keegan-Michael Key as Toad, Seth Rogen as Donkey Kong, Fred Armisen as Cranky Kong, Kevin Michael Richardson as Kamek and Sebastian Maniscalco as Spike. 

The film is produced by Illumination founder and CEO Chris Meledandri and by Shigeru Miyamoto for Nintendo. The film will be co-financed by Universal Pictures and Nintendo and released worldwide by Universal Pictures.

Genre: Action-Comedy

Cast: Chris Pratt, Anya Taylor-Joy, Charlie Day, Jack Black, Keegan-Michael Key, Seth Rogen, Fred Armisen, Kevin Michael Richardson, Sebastian Maniscalco

Screenplay: Matthew Fogel

Directors: Aaron Horvath, Michael Jelenic

Producers: Chris Meledandri, Shigeru Miyamoto

Celebrities Film New Releases

Jahleel Kamara Set to Star in “Shadow Force”

Young Actor Jahleel Kamara Set to Star in “Shadow Force”
Appearing Alongside Kerry Washington, Omar Sy and Others in Upcoming Lionsgate Action-Thriller Now Filming

(Photo Rowena Husbands)

(New York, NY) It was recently announced that impressive young actor Jahleel Kamara, of Adunni Rose Talent Agency, will be starring in Lionsgate’s upcoming action-thriller Shadow Force, which has commenced production in Colombia. The studio further announced that Mark Strong, Marvin “Krondon” Jones III, Natalia Reyes, Yoson An, Ed Quinn, Da’Vine Joy Randolph and Cliff “Method Man” Smith will also star, alongside Kerry Washington and Omar Sy in the film, which is being directed by Joe Carnahan.

In Shadow Force, Kyrah (Washington) and Isaac (Sy) were once the leaders of a multinational special forces group, called Shadow Force. They broke the rules by falling in love, and in order to protect their son, they went underground. With a large bounty on their heads, and the vengeful Shadow Force hot on their trail, one family’s fight becomes all-out war.

Jahleel, age 6, has been acting for two years. His credits include Disney+’s “Rise,” a recurring role on ABC’s “Manifest,” the Sundance feature film Nanny, BET+’s B Boy Blues, ABC/Hulu’s “Bammas,” and Amazon Prime’s “Harlem.”

Film New Releases

The Fabelmans


The Fabelmans – In Select Theaters November 11, everywhere November 23

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | #TheFabelmans

Directed by Steven Spielberg, The Fabelmans is written by Spielberg and Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Tony Kushner (Angels in AmericaCaroline, or Change), who has earned Oscar® nominations for his screenplays for Spielberg’s Lincoln and Munich. The film is produced by three-time Oscar® nominee Kristie Macosko Krieger p.g.a. (West Side StoryThe Post), Steven Spielberg p.g.a. and Tony Kushner p.g.a. The film is executive produced by Carla Raij (Maestro, co-producer West Side Story) and Josh McLaglen (Free GuyLogan).

The film stars Gabriel LaBelle (The PredatorAmerican Gigolo series) as 16-year-old aspiring filmmaker Sammy Fabelman; four-time Academy Award® nominee Michelle Williams (Manchester by the SeaMy Week with Marilyn) as his artistic mother, Mitzi; Paul Dano (The BatmanThere Will Be Blood) as his successful, scientific father, Burt; Seth Rogen (Steve JobsAn American Pickle) as Bennie Loewy, Burt’s best friend and honorary “uncle” to the Fabelman children, and Academy Award® nominee Judd Hirsch (Uncut GemsOrdinary People) as Mitzi’s Uncle Boris. 

The ensemble cast includes Oscar® nominee Jeannie Berlin (The Heartbreak KidInherent Vice) as Sammy’s paternal grandmother, Hadassah Fabelman; Julia Butters (Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood13 Hours) as Sammy’s sister Reggie; Robin Bartlett (MoonstruckLean on Me) as Sammy’s maternal grandmother Tina Schildkraut and Keeley Karsten (HuntersEvil Lives Here) as Sammy’s sister Natalie. 

The music is by five-time Academy Award® winner John Williams (Schindler’s ListJaws), the costume designer is two-time Oscar® winner Mark Bridges (The ArtistPhantom Thread) and the production designer is two-time Oscar® winner Rick Carter (LincolnAvatar). The Fabelmans is edited by three-time Academy Award® winner Michael Kahn ace (Saving Private RyanSchindler’s List) and Sarah Broshar (West Side StoryThe Post). The film’s director of photography is two-time Academy Award® winner Janusz Kaminski (Schindler’s ListSaving Private Ryan). 

Genre: Drama

Cast: Michelle Williams, Paul Dano, Seth Rogen, Gabriel LaBelle, Jeannie Berlin, Julia Butters, Robin Bartlett, Keeley Karsten and Judd Hirsch

Directed by: Steven Spielberg

Screenplay by: Steven Spielberg & Tony Kushner

Produced by: Kristie Macosko Krieger p.g.a., Steven Spielberg p.g.a., Tony Kushner p.g.a.

Executive Producers: Carla Raij, Josh McLaglen

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