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John Legend on Who Should Replace Blake Shelton as a ‘Voice’ Coach

John Legend was a sight in a pink suit to kick off the live shows for “The Voice.”

“Extra’s” Katie Krause spoke with John on the carpet revealing who he think should take Blake Shelton’s chair after he bids farewell next season.

Blake has been a coach since the show premiered in 2011.  John said, “He’s our veteran. He is our OG.”

So who should take over his big red chair?  “I think it should be someone in country,” Legend said. “We have never had another country coach before, it has always been Blake… I could see Carrie [Underwood] doing it… She could be good. Just an idea, Carrie. We’ll see, we’ll see.”

John and wife Chrissy Teigen are adding to their team at home as they welcome another baby after the tragic loss of their son Jack two years ago. John said they are prepared. “Oh, we’re ready. I feel like it’s old hat for us now. And plus, my brother just had a kid. We’ve been around infants lately. I think we’re all good.”

And he is there for all of Chrissy’s cravings. The musician said, “Pregnancy makes you want to eat. And I’m there as much as possible to make a sandwich, microwave something, make pancakes, whatever I need to do.”

As for his team on “The Voice,” he shared, “I just try to make sure each of our artists, who are truly amazing… I just try to put them in the best light, pick the right songs and make sure they do all the little things that make the performance special.”

“The Voice” airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on NBC.

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