P!nk Reveals Secret to Her 15-Year Marriage to Carey Hart

P!nk and her husband Carey Hart made it a date night at the premiere of her new Amazon Prime documentary “All I Know So Far.”

“Extra’s” Rachel Lindsay spoke with P!nk and Carey, who opened up about her battle with COVID, their marriage, and the doc.

P!nk shared, “It’s been a really scary year for everybody, but I didn’t lose my job and I didn’t lose my home, so I feel blessed. I feel like one of the lucky ones. I got COVID. My son and I were really sick, but we pushed through it and got through it and thank God, we’re fine now.”

P!nk and Carey have been married for 15 years, going through their ups and downs, but are now stronger than ever! As for how they’ve stuck together, P!nk said, “For us, the answer is… there’s no quit button. Unless we find one. Right now, we don’t have one. But it’s also couples counseling. Learning how to speak the same language. ‘Cause we don’t speak the same language.”

“We love being a family. And we both come from families that gave up, and that’s okay,” P!nk went on. “That was their journey, that was the journey we all were supposed to be on. But for us, we don’t want to do that.”

Pink gave the world a behind-the-scenes look at her life and Beautiful tour in the documentary. Carey pointed out, “I think it’s important for people, fans of hers, to see how hard she works and what it takes to do what she does with the family, with the responsibilities and make it happen for 150 shows a tour, whatever the madness is — I think it’s empowering.”

What does P!nk want her fans to take away? She answered, “There’s not a lot of women headlining stadiums…There’s a lot of working moms, and I’m just one of them. It just happens to be my job is Wembley Stadium and wherever else we are in the world, and I’ve worked my butt off to get here.”

P!nk said she couldn’t do any of it without Carey! She gushed, “A lot of people get Carey wrong when they think this is moto-dude, hypermasculine and tattoos. He’s just the most sensitive, supportive guy in the world. He never says no. Any dream I’ve ever had, ‘Yes, I’m with you. Whatever you want to do.’ It takes swallowing egos sometimes. It’s beautiful because it allows us to have this crazy, magical adventure and the kids, he gets to be with the kids when I’m onstage and I get jealous sometimes,”

She smiled, adding, “But they love me more, so it’s okay.”

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