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Kabbalah Wheel

By Robert Zucker

This section is an excerpt from the new book on Kabbalah and the Secret Circles

Kabbalah's Secret Circles by Robert ZuckerKabbalah's Secret Circles reveals the hundreds of legends and complete history of the Kabbalah, Jewish Mysticism, the golem, and instructions to create the Kabbalah Wheel, a unique way to rotate the 231 Gates from the Sefer Yetzirah, Book of Creation.

Download a free PDF sample of the book with instruction to create the Kabbalah Wheel of Circles.

The (Kabbalah) Qabalah Wheel is a modernized re-creation of an ancient mystical calculator that provides the key to the combinations of letters and Holy Gates of the Kabbalah.

Based on the most used chart of letter combinations (tzeruf) from Abraham Abulafia, the Kabbalah Wheel takes a more practical approach to create the Gates. The spelling of Qabalah matches Hebrew the letters - QBL.

"Kabbalah's Secret Circles" provides the instructions to create a Kabbalah Wheel (Qabalah Wheel) using simple items available at home.

This is the chart of Hebrew letter combinations:

231 Gates Qabalah Wheel

Creating your own Kabbalah Wheel

While most Kabbalists use the medieval grid chart (see above, from Eleazar of Worms) of the 231 gates, there is a more simpler way to study this chart of combinations in actual 3D.

The Qabalah Wheel (also spelled as Kabbalah Wheel) can be easily created with basic items found in most any home- paper towel roll, scissor, scotch tape and a sheet of Hebrew letters. It's a low-tech solution that was probably used hundreds of years ago.

The "Wheel" is actually a tube where the 2, 3, 4 or 5 Gates can be permutated in several ways, simply by rotating the letters on the tube. It's an easier way to recite the 231 Gates or form letter combinations (permutations).

The 231 combinations made from the Qabalah Wheel can be rotated back and forth, just as described in Sefer Yetzirah.

Kabbalah's Secret Circles by Robert ZuckerSimple instructions to create a simple, homemade, Qabalah Wheel are found in the new book by author Robert Zucker- "Kabbalah's Secret Circles"- now available on Amazon.

Download a free PDF sample of the book with instruction to create the Kabbalah Wheel of Circles.

Use a 'DaVinci Codex' to create a Kabbalah Wheel

Another method, instead of a paper towel tube, is modifying a "Cryptex DaVinci Code Lock Box." The DaVinci Codec is reproduced from the description in "The DaVinci Code."

According to the story plot, a scroll about the secret of Priory of Scion, is hidden inside of the cryptex. To open the cryptex, you have to unlock a five-digit code. There are five turntables on the cylinder. Each turntable has 26 letters. Only 24 letters are needed to re-create the Kabbalah Wheel.

This codex cylinder is a perfect representation of the Kabbalah Wheel. Hebrew letters can be pasted over the English letters and rotated to match the chart. This DaVinci Codex Cylinder is available from Amazon for a great price.

Using the Mystical Letters

Qabalistic Study Texts

Tree of Life"Sefer Yetzirah" The Book of Creation (or Formation)

"Sefer Raziel" The Book of Secrets from the Angel Raziel (Retziel)

"Chayye Olam Ha Ba" The Book of Life Hereafter from Abraham Abulafia

Dreams and the Astral

Kabbalah Resources and Links

The Basics about Kabbalah

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Kabbalah Manuscripts

After studying the Kabalah and the occult for more than 40 years, I'm writing several books on the ancient Qabalah, Sefer Yetzirah (The Book of Creation), Sefer Raziel (The Book of Secrets) and dream awareness (astral projection). If you are interested in copies, they will be available on Amazon.com. Email me if you want to be informed when the books are published at [email protected].

Robert Zucker is an author, print and Internet publisher and former college instructor in journalism. Get free downloads of sample PDFs.

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To downside my collection of thousands of some hard-to-find, rare, out of print and great condition books, copies are for sale on Amazon.com. These books date from the 1980s and earlier- usually in hard cover or early editions. Browse a selection of my available library on Qabalah, parapsychology, Hermetics and other occult topics. New books constantly added. Visit and purchase on Amazon: Robert Zucker Collection on AmazonRobert Zucker.

How to spell Qabalah or Kabbalah?

The word 'Qabalah' comes from the Hebrew word that means "tradition." The Hebrew letters Q, B and L spell Qa Ba Lah. The most common way to write the word in English today is: Kabbalah. It is often spelled as Qabalah to retain the more ancient influence. The word Kabbalah is also spelled several other ways, such as Kabalah, Kaballah, Cabala, etc.

Some Kabbalah groups only focus on the religious aspects of the Tree of Life. Other Kabbalistic groups practice with mystic meditations, magical techniques and chants. Either way, they depend on the original Jewish study of the Qabalah to achieve their goals. Both theoretical and practical magic uses the Qabalah as its source.

What are the best Kabbalah sources?

There is no one book on Kabbalah. Since the Kabbalah was mostly transmitted by word of mouth, there were various interpretations between groups of Kabbalists. Over the past 2,000 years, several handwritten Kabbalistic manuscripts began circulating. Eventually, they were printed and became available to the masses.

The "Sefer Yetzirah," The Bahir, The Zohar and "Sefer Raziel HaMalach" are some of the most popular handbooks of Kabbalah that exist today. The are freely available in bookstores, online and libraries.


How to learn the Kabbalah

There are so many ways to study the Kabbalah.

If you want to study Kabbalah, but don't know here to start, or if you already have a good understanding and want to reaffirm your knowledge, explore these pages from my experiences.

Much of this material was first developed decades ago while take college credits for independent study. Instead of publishing it in a book, I am posting it online for others to learn.

Robert Zucker's "Spirit of Kabbalah (Qabalah)" copyright 1976 emol.orgWith the Internet, aspiring Kabbalists now have online access to knowledge once unavailable to the general public.

Those ancient, magical manuscripts are now freely available.

Web sites, forums and networking make it possible to learn about the Kabbalah online from others around the world.

While people have studied the Kabbalah for centuries, the Kabbalah itself has changed.

In today's society, the more popular American Kabbalah is in English, not the original Hebrew. The principles are relative to a different culture and time. Many of the mystical meanings are converted, convoluted or lost.

The Study of Kabbalah: Develop your own Qabalistic path

Much of the truth of the Kabbalah has been preserved over the centuries. Yet, the true meanings are disguised in ancient rhymes and puzzles. Some of that "truth" is also still debatable (see the study on the golem, for example).

But, there are those who learned, or figured out, the meanings to those unintelligible words, phrases and symbols. That was done through an intense study of Kabbalah in theory and practice.

There is no one single school of Kabbalah. There are many different aspects of the Jewish study of Kabbalah.

Not all the answers are posted online or printed in a book either. Anyone with the right intensions, and some of the keys to the true understanding, will be able to figure out those missing elements.

The Practice of Kabbalah: Explore the paths, but mark your own

Of course, it takes a lot of studying Qabalah and the Tree of Life to become proficient.

Beyond the study the magical symbols and the deeper, esoteric meanings described by major Qabalists, you must explore on your own.

What you gain will be different from others. But there will be similarities. Famous authors like Gershom Scholem, Aryeh Kaplan, Israel Regardie, Aleister Crowley and Francis Bardon describe their own visions of the Kabbalah message. All of their writings are based on similar principles. They tend to agree while they disagree.

We are fortunate at our time in history to have access to some of the greatest collection of ancient manuscripts still in existence. At no other time has so much knowledge been available in print and distributed to the masses. Much of this information had been guarded in secret for centuries.

Now, anyone can find it in most used bookstores and online. Some books are even free.

One of the best overall books that describe the foundations of Kabbalah is On the Kabbalah and its SymbolismKabbalah by Gershom Scholem. Any book by Scholem deserves a deep reading. Another excellent book by Scholem is On the Kabbalah and its Symbolism (Mysticism & Kabbalah)KabbalahAuthor: Gershom Scholem.

This section of my web site (EMOL.org) is dedicated to the true study of Kabalah and the search for a truer understanding. New pages are added often to expand topics and content, so keep checking back to the index on this home page.

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Kabbalah Books on Amazon

These are some of the most popular books on Kabbalah from Amazon.com. They are selected because they are easy to read and easy to understand. See more books recommended on Kabbalah.

By Robert Haralick

This book-length meditation on the Hebrew alphabet offers profound insights into many important ideas found in Jewish thought. From time immemorial, the Hebrew alphabet has been considered to be more than a collection of individual letters. Indeed, the essence of each letter of the Hebrew alphabet can be seen as a fundamental building block of the world. Jewish scholars throughout the ages have meditated on these letters, deriving spiritual inspiration in the process. In The Inner Meaning of the Hebrew Letters, Robert M. Haralick looks closely at each of the Hebrew characters, helping us to gain insight from this remarkable tradition.

Torah Codes: A Glimpse into the InfiniteKabbalah

By Robert Haralick

A book about Jewish spirituality, Torah Code Table Analysis. It also has detailed information about the equidistant letter skip code analysis of the Bible. Discussion of the Torah Code Controversy. Refutation of the Bible code critics. Articles about World Trade Center terror attack, Spanish terror attack, Breslan terror attack in code findings. Torah Commentary about end of days & Messiah.

More Books on Kabbalah

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