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Tombstone, AZ Map and Directions

The Google map of Tombstone shows satellite images of the entire town. Virtually walk the streets of Tombstone with this map. Zoom in and out, and scroll around, to look at buildings. There is a Street View mode to look down some of Tombstone's historic streets at different angles.

This map can be printed in either satellite, map or topographic terrain views. To zoom in closer, select the plus (+) sign in the upper left of the map. Keep clicking the icon until the map stops enlarging to get to the closest view. To move the map around, use the arrow icons. Click on the View Larger Tombstone Map link for a bigger map of Tombstone.

Many tourists in Tucson visit historic Tombstone as part of their stay.

Visitors can stay in one of Tombstone's local hotels to enjoy a full day exploring the town history and numerous shops. See major Tombstone attractions.

In this map of Tombstone, notice the light brown markings south of the town. This is the famed Tombstone mines. The red button on the map points to Allen Street with most of the historic attractions, including the O.K. Corral and original shops, bars and restaurant buildings from the 1880s.

Tombstone, Arizona is located between the San Pedro Valley to the west and the Dragoon Mountains to the east in Cochise County in Southern Arizona, USA. Tombstone is on State Highway 80 between Benson and Bisbee, about an hour drive - 61 miles- from Tucson.

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How to Get There: Tombstone Map & Directions

Directions to Tombstone, drive from Tucson, Arizona:

  • Take Interstate 10 (I-10) east to the Benson exit (about 40-45 miles from Tucson).
  • Exit South on Highway 80 which will take you straight to Tombstone.


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