Film: Heartland Film Festival: 2009

Heartland 2009: Jared’s Reviews

Hachi: A Dog’s Tale

Hachi is a persistent and willing dog in this family friendly film.  A very young Hachi is found on the street by a father (played by Richard Gere) who decides to keep him.  The dog grows older throughout the movie as time passes. Hachi loves his owner very much.  There is a statue dedicated to the real Hachi.  You’ll just have to see the movie to find out why. Read more about Hachi: A Dog's Tale

My Dog

This documentary is about celebrities and their loved, trusted dogs.  Richard Gere and his wife are in the documentary with their dog, which was especially interesting since we had just seen Richard Gere in Hachi, the opening night film.  This is a nice movie to teach that dogs are more than pets.

The Perfect Game

This family film is about a group of kids from Mexico with goals of baseball fame.  They might be Spanish-speaking in 1950s America as they play games to get to the Little League Championship, but they are great as kids and as players and overcome various obstacles.  This is based on a true story. See more about The Perfect Game.

Broken Hill

Tommy is a young man who dreams of composing and conducting.  He and a sly, young woman he likes, Kat, get into trouble throwing watermelons from his truck.

When he has to do community service, he ends up leading a group of prisoners in a great musical performance that uses native and homemade instruments. 

Grande Drip

A young man, Eric, doesn’t like coffee, but orders it everyday anyway because he likes Molly, an employee in the coffee shop.  He then meets a homeless guy.  This homeless guy, Keith, helps Eric to meet Molly.  Keith does this because Eric treated him with more respect than other people who either harassed him or treated him as invisible. More on Grande Drip.

Mandie and the Secret Tunnel

A young girl, Mandie, experiences her father’s death in the woods.  She escapes from her mom and sister with her cat to an unknown uncle’s big house.  But he is not there.  With her newly found friend Polly, she finds lots of secrets.  Comic villains stay at the house also, trying to find the will that no one can seem to find.  The movie is very funny and good family entertainment. Read more about Mandie and the Secret Tunnel.

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