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Some articles are co-authored by Jared Winslow

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Heartland Film Festival

Independent Film Convention

Making Magic: Author Justine Dell

Heartland FIlm Festival 2012

Santa Barbara International Film Festival 2012

Heartland 2011: Red Dog, We Love You co-authored by Jared Winslow

Interview with Filmmaker Cole Mueller

The Santa Barbara International Film Festival (SBIFF) 2011

Heartland Film Festival 2010

  • Santa Barbara International FIlm Festival 2010

    Heartland Film Festival 2009

    "Only Human" featuring Jared Winslow

    Indianapolis International Film Festival 2009

    Woman Behind the Camera: Director Drew Rosenberg

    Making Things Happen: King

    More Festival Favorites: Five and Five

    Terra Transformed – Thanks to Filmmaker Meni Tsirbas co-author Jared Winslow

    Cayman Grant’s Good Will co-author Jared Winslow

    SBIFF: Festival Favorites by Jared Winslow

    No Horror Here: Daniel Persitz and Alex’s Halloween

    Off the Page and Off the Screen: Richard Gabai’s Call of the Wild: 3D

    Follow the Prophet: Outrage into Action

    Jacob Medjuck’s Summerhood Experiences

    Jared WinslowPhoto: Jared at the 24th annual Santa Barbara International Film Festival. Read reviews and photos of The 2009 Santa Barbara International Film Festival

    Through the Glass Darkly: Phoebe in Wonderland and Director Daniel Barnz

    A few notes on a few notable films at the 2008 Heartland Film Festival

    Winning Shots:  Director Christian Bagger and 15-40

    X-Man Extraordinaire: Meet Ralph Winter, Producer co-author Jared Winslow

    The Boy in the Striped Pajamas (11/3/08)

    The Fresh Air Will Do You Good (10/23/08)

    3-D Journey (7/11/08)

    For Fun: Filmmaker Mark Stouffer and Diamond Dog Caper (5/22/08)

    When Work is Play Interview with playwright Terri Wagener about the premiere of her newest play, Work, at Bloomington Playwrights Project (5/6/08)

    Ice Cream is Serious Business: Interview with Filmmaker Harry Kellerman (4/17/08)

    Disfigured Figures it Right (4/1/08)

    Home Is Where the Heart Is: Producer-Director Dennis Fallon on "All Roads Lead Home" By Madelyn Ritrosky & Jared Winslow

    Photo of Jared by the big spotlights in the rain at the Santa Barbara Film Festival in February 2008.

    Definitely, Maybe…  Definitely (2/13/08)

    All About The Swansons (1/4/08)

    The Weekend Feel of a Festival— Heartland Style Photos and overview

    Heartland Festival Films: Of Kids and Courage
    By Madelyn Ritrosky & Jared Winslow

    “Heartland Event Films: Two for the Family” 
    August Rush and A Plumm Summer 
    By Madelyn Ritrosky & Jared Winslow

    Heartland Autumn: Interview with Jeff Sparks (10/9/07)

    The Man in the Chair (9/17/07)

    "Becoming Jane" (8/10/07)

    The Search for Mike Binder (8/8/07)

    Fathers and Sons "Daddy Day Camp" (8/8/07)

    Creature Feature Fun (7/30/07)

    Rats Aplenty - Ratatouille (6/29/07)

    "FANTASTIC FOUR: RISE OF THE SILVER SURFER" movie review: Fantastic Star, Fun Film

    Beautiful Dreamer:  Beautiful Movie.

    Includes two Beautiful Dreamer exclusive interviews:

    “Let Your Heart Fly” with Terri Farley-Teruel

    “Romantic & Classy” with Colin Egglesfield (4/16/07)

    Planet Earth: Like Never Before (3/15/07)

    Mission to Kraftland: Interview with Richard Kraft

    2007 Santa Barbara International Film Festival Coverage

    Of Oscars and SBIFF Achievement Awards (3/4/07)

    Ioan Gruffudd’s Amazing Experience:
    Amazing Grace

    The Ultimate Gift from Producer Rick Eldridge (1/25/07)

    Life After Dark "Night at the Museum" movie review (12/21/06)

    Rocky Wants You, James Francis Kelly III "Rocky Balboa" interview (12/15/06)

    Getting To The Manger On Time; "THE NATIVITY STORY" (11/28/06)

    Dancing to a Different Drummer: Review of Happy Feet (11/18/06)

    More Heartland: Gifts of Life (11/3/06)

    Legendary Outlaws and Mysterious Caves – Oh My! "Secret of the Cave" profile (10/29/06)

    Heartland Film Festival 2006 Overview (10/24/06)

    "Flicka and All Those Pretty Horses" profile of the movie "Flicka" (10/17/06)

    Illusions of Love, a review of "The Illusionist" (8/15/06)

    The Monster That Got Away "Monster House Review" (7/18/06)

    Who is the Devil that Wears Prada? (6/29/06)

    "Geography of Love", review (2nd part, 5/19/06)

    Indianapolis International Film Festival, reviews (first part, 5/11/06)

    "To Dance or Not To Dance" Review (4/7/06)

    A New Ice Age (3/29/06)

    Santa Barbara International Film Festival Award Profiles:

    Santa Barbara's Special Achievement Awards (2/21/06)

    A Child's View of the the Santa Barabara Film Festival (2/19/06)

    Director Jonathan Wyche: "Journey to Planet Ibsen" (2/9/06)

    Towne's Dusty L.A.: Robert Towne's "Ask the Dust." (2/6/06)

    Santa Barbara International Film Festival Articles including: George Clooney, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Heath Ledger set to be fêted at 21st Fest

    "Glory Road" movie review (1/9/06)

    Movie with a Message:  Interview with Bill Ewing about End of the Spear (1/2/06)

    Ken Kwapis’s Sexual Life - His Film, That Is Interview with director/writer Ken Kwapis (11/29/05)

    Kids Galore - "Yours, Mine & Ours" Movie (11/22/05)

    "Have House, Will Travel" "Zathura" review (11/14/05)

    "The Timelessness of Jane Austen’s Classic Romance" Review (11/12/05

    "Chicken Little Goes Sci-Fi" Movie Review (11/9/05)

    Redemption at the End of the Spear - Movie Preview (10/26/05)

    Canines for Christmas (10/21/05)

    Stormy Inspiration for a Dreamer: John Gatins, director (10/18/05)

    "Stepping In Her Shoes" (10/5/05)

    "Unclothed and Uncut" - Profile of "Where the Truth Lies" (9/9/05)

    "To Reconcile With A Bear" - A Review of "An Unfinished Life"

    Heartland Film Festival (8/19/05)

    Must Love Dogs – Woof! (7/26/05)

    The Candy Fence (7/20/05)

    Cinderella Man: Portrait of a Folk Hero (6/05)

    Fever Pitch: A Winning Combination:
    Red Sox and Romance

    Diving in the Deep Pool of Pride and Prejudice Fan Fiction (3/22/05)

    "Lust Actually: Bridget Jones’s Men" (10/20/04)

    "Most Delicious" Bridget Jones Movie Review

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