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James Corden Reflects About the Last ‘Late Late Show’ Episodes

Over the weekend, James Corden was honored at PaleyFest L.A. 2023 as he preps to leave “The Late Late Show.”

“Extra’s” Rachel Lindsay spoke with an “emotional” Corden, who only has 12 shows left!

He said, “For so long, it felt it was a long way away, and then now it’s here.”

James admitted it was a “very, very strange feeling to be so close” to saying goodbye to the show.

Over eight hit seasons, James has had so many memorable moments, from star-packed Carpool Karaokes to Crosswalk Musicals.

Last year, Corden took a ride with Tom Cruise on a fighter jet! He commented, “It would be really hard to top in terms of danger and stunts that we’ve done before.”

Corden told “Extra” he has a few more big surprises planned for the last few shows.

Without saying too much, he teased, “You’ll have to wait and see.”

He added, “We have three ‘Carpools’ between now and then. The last one is gonna be very emotional… I spend the day as a Kardashians assistant, which I think will be fun.”

When asked what he’ll do on the day after his last show, Corden admitted, “I imagine I’ll be quite hung over.”

“That’s my hunch,” James commented. “I think I’ll be looking for some kind of bacon product.”

What will he miss most about the show? Corden answered, “I’ll miss my friends, who I love. I’ll miss them so much… and America. It’s an amazing place.”

Showing his appreciation for the U.S.A., James emphasized, “I love the optimism of the place. I love the notion that a chubby boy from High Wycombe can come here and be accepted in such a way. It’s the most incredible, creative place, and I hope it’s not done with me.”


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