Statewide helmet program expands

RideNow Powersports leads the charge with Arizona Motorcycle Safety & Awareness Foundation

December 13, 2022, Peoria, Arizona – RideNow Powersports has taken a leadership role in promoting the value of high-quality DOT helmets alongside Arizona’s leading voice on distracted driving and motorcycle training, Arizona Motorcycle Safety & Awareness Foundation (AMSAF). Head and body protection are soaring in popularity in Arizona, as riders find great new opportunities to save money on quality helmets and riding gear to protect themselves on busy roadways statewide. Now, the program is spreading to many demographics throughout Arizona.

RideNow, which has been working closely with AMSAF for several years, serves as a partnership to reduce distracted driving and increase safety for riders through the statewide helmet program.

AMSAF started a financial assistance helmet program to help individuals get into quality DOT full face or modular helmets. RideNow led the effort as the pilot dealership. Today, six dealerships have jumped onboard with 1489 helmets provided to date through the program, all focused on getting excellent helmets to customers.

“We are seeing a new trend,” says RideNow Powersports Marketing Director Mike Pfab. “Families are coming in to purchase helmets for their members because safety supersedes everything when it comes to riding motorcycles and driving powersports vehicles.”

RideNow teams closely with AMSAF to offer discounts on high quality helmets, as well as the purchase of other critical riding gear, including gloves, clothing, boots and other protective gear.

“RideNow is the leading local retailer for motorcycling must-haves,“ adds Pfab. “Our mission is to serve the rider, fuel the industry and inspire the community, so we sell gear at for every budget to ensure the safety of our customers. We partner with non-profits like AMSAF that promote, educate, and influence safety practices and policies.”

The helmet program is geared to help individuals garner a DOT helmet with financial assistance from AMSAF and a 25% discount off MSRP from specified dealers. The program affords people the opportunity to purchase a quality full-face or modular DOT helmet at a reduced cost.

“The applicant fills out an application and donate $50 to AMSAF, which is tax-deductible,’ says Mick Degn, AMSAF executive director. “If AMSAF has funds available, applicants will receive a receipt with a promo code and instructions that they can take to one of a number of specified qualified helmet dealers.”

The letter will extend a credit for $125 off a DOT full face or modular helmet. In addition, the dealership will give an additional 25% off MSRP select helmets. The promo code is only good for one full-face or modular DOT helmet defined in program.

Arizona is a state where riders have a choice whether to wear a helmet or not. AMSAF wants to assist those who choose to wear a helmet to financially be able to afford one. This program is possible due to grants from the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, which wants to help reduce crashes and fatalities in Arizona. The helmet program is open to all Arizona residents 15 years, six months old or older. Funds for this program come from donations, sponsorship, and grants.

AMSAF’s mission is to promote motorcycle safety and reduce driver distraction to help reduce crashes and fatalities in Arizona. AMSAF can be reached at  or by calling 888.951.3732.

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