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At least two 3D movies a month in 2011

This year, nearly a dozen new films will be presented in 3-D at most theaters. Movie studios have a full slate of 3-D films scheduled for release every month this year.

On July 15, 2011, Warner Bros. will deliver to conventional and IMAX theaters the final installment of the film franchise, "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2," in both 2D and 3D formats. RALPH FIENNES as Lord Voldemort in Warner Bros. Pictures' fantasy adventure "HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS - PART 1," a Warner Bros. Pictures release. Watch movie trailer, read movie production notes and reviews of the upcoming Harry Potter and thw Dealthly Hallows Part 1.

Filming has begun on location in Oahu, Hawaii, for the 3D family adventure "Journey 2: The Mysterious Island," directed by Brad Peyton ("Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore").

Johnny Depp returns to his iconic role of Captain Jack Sparrow in this action-packed adventure that finds him crossing paths (and swords) with the enigmatic Angelica (Penélope Cruz). When she forces him aboard the “Queen Anne’s Revenge,” the ship of the legendary pirate Blackbeard (Ian McShane), Jack finds himself on an unexpected journey to the fabled Fountain of Youth. Watch movie trailer and read more about Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.

2011 Upcoming 3D Films

These are some of the top new, upcoming 3d movies coming soon in 2011. Read upcoming new 3D movie production notes, cast bios and photos. Watch movie trailers, read and post comments. See all upcoming movies in 2011.

  • February 4, 2011: Sanctum
  • February 11, 2011: Drive Angry
  • March 11, 2011: Mars Needs Moms!
  • March 25, 2011: Sucker Punch!
  • April 8, 2011: Rio
  • April 8: Born to Be Wild 3D
  • April 15, 2011: The Three Musketeers 3D
  • May 6, 2011: Thor
  • May 13, 2011: Priest
  • May 20, 2011: Pirates of the Caribbean: on Stranger Tides
  • May 26, 2011: Kung Fu Panda: the Kaboom of Doom
  • June 17, 2011: The Green Lantern
  • June 24, 2011: Cars 2
  • July 15, 2011: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2
  • July 22, 2011: Captain America: the First Avenger
  • August 3, 2011: Smurfs 3D
  • August 19, 2011: Spy Kids 4: All the Time in the World
  • August 26, 2011: Final Destination 5
  • September 23, 2011: Journey to the Center of the Earth 2
  • October 21, 2011: Contagion
  • November 4, 2011: Puss in Boots
  • November 11, 2011: Arthur Christmas
  • November 18, 2011: Happy Feet 2 in 3D
  • December 9, 2011: The Invention of Hugo Cabret
  • December 16, 2011: Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chip-Wrecked
  • December 23, 2011: The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn
  • See all upcoming movies in 2011.

Get 3-D effects at home with your own 3D entertainment system

3D movie technology is over 100 years old. Yet, it still relies on glasses with special lenses to simulate a three dimensional viewing experience. There are a number of new products entering the market in the spring and summer of 2010. See more about 3-D glasses.

New 3-D capable Blu-ray players and 3-D HDTV's are being developed by major electronics manufacturers like Sony, Samsung, Mitsubishi and Toshiba. This spring and summer the market will be flooded with this new wave of technology.

To watch 3-D movies in theaters, 3-D glasses are still needed. Most theaters will provide the 3-D glasses for free to use during the film. These goggles may not be compatible with home versions of 3-D entertainment options. Find out more about 3D Glasses for IMAX movies and 3D Display.

2011 Blu-ray 3D™ Releases

In the advancement of 3D entertainment and marking the most significant title commitment to the growing Blu-ray 3D™ market, The Walt Disney Studios has  announced plans to release at least 15 of its films for in-home viewing on Blu-ray 3D in 2011.

Among the stellar list of films to debut on 3D include beloved and celebrated animated classics THE LION KING and BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, recent theatrical releases including the visually stunning high tech adventure TRON: LEGACY and acclaimed box-office smash hit TANGLED, plus many others to be announced that will release day-and-date and packaged with the Blu-ray 2D™  version.

Also included among the titles slated for release in 2011 are BOLT, MEET THE ROBINSONS, TIM BURTON’S THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS, G-FORCE and CHICKEN LITTLE. These titles will join The Walt Disney Studios’ recent 2010 Blu-ray 3D releases ALICE IN WONDERLAND, DISNEY’S A CHRISTMAS CAROL and STEP UP 3, bringing Disney’s list of available Blu-ray 3D titles for the home to nearly 20 in all.

In addition to the film being in 3D, each disc will include thematically linked 3D menus, 3D previews of coming-attractions trailers and an introduction to the eye-popping world of Disney Blu-ray 3D featuring beloved characters Timon and Pumbaa from THE LION KING.

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