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3D technology is ready

In the wake of the 3D movie explosion of Avatar and Alice in Wonderland, the 3D experience is now coming to home theater.

The first full 3D-ready HDTV's, Blu-ray players and gaming consoles are now on store shelves and online catalogs.

3D will change the way we watch TV. 3D has already perked up the movie theaters. Dozens of new titles are planned for release this year. Those 3D movies will then be released for home 3D within weeks of major film releases.

TV manufacturers are now rolling out 3-D enhanced HDTVs. Several television networks will launch 3-D TV channels later this year. To compliment this, 3-D Blu-ray players will bring the large screen popping out from the small screen with 3D Blu-ray movies.

The computer industry is also getting ready to release 3-D laptops, notebooks, smartphones to help spur a dwindling gaming market with a slew of 3D video games and accessories.

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3D at home: 3D Blu-ray movies

Upcoming 3D movies in 2010

Free MovieSeveral major 3-D blockbuster films are planned for release almost every month this year.

3-D movies were among the top grossing films in 2009. 3-D movies may be the key to revive the slumping movie industry. Watch movie trailers, read studio production notes and get schedules of new 3D movies in 2010, 2011 and 2012.

New 3D TV's in your home

LG 3D HDTV E50 model(Photo left: LG E50 3D HDTV)

Over 900 Best Buy stores have created a Samsung and Panasonic full HD 3D experience and another 250 Magnolia Home Theater stores have a Panasonic full HD 3D experience for you to demo.

As each manufacturer's 3D experience will vary to some extent, it's a good idea to view several demonstrations before making your decision. Before heading in, you'll probably want to call your local Best Buy store(s) to make sure they are offering the true Best Buy 3D experience.

To watch 3D on a television, a new TV set is needed. New lines of 3-D HDTV's were introduced at the 2010 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January.

Manufacturers are now releasing some of these 3D capable sets. Read more about new 3D TVs from Samsung, Sony, LG and Panasonic. 3-D TVs.

New 3D Blu-ray players and 3D DVDs

3D films are a hot topic -- they're doing great at the box office -- they make more money for the studios and moviegoers are more inclined to go to see 3D films than the 2D equivalent.

New Blu-ray players, from companies like Mitsubishi and Toshiba will add that extra dimension of entertainment to 3D-capable TV's. Read more about 3D movies.

The Walt Disney Studios announced plans to start releasing Disney Digital 3D content for the home on Blu-ray Disc beginning in 2010 with Disney's A Christmas Carol and a special 3D Showcase Disc. Disney's new Digital 3D content for the home on Blu-ray(TM) will be made available in coordination with hardware manufacturers' upcoming release of new 3D home entertainment systems so that consumers can experience the magic of Disney 3D in their home upon installation. Read more about Disney's 2010 line-up of 3D DVDs.

Toshiba America Consumer Products expands its range of Blu-ray players with the introduction of three new players. With the recent announcement of the finalized Blu-ray 3D format specification, Toshiba will also add the new BDX3000 Blu-ray player with 3D playback to complement the Toshiba 3D television products. Read more about Toshiba 3D Blu-ray players.

3D Movie Fans Expand Box Office

The International 3D Society released a 3D revenue study showing that 3D movie fans are driving opening weekend box office revenues by significant margins. Continue reading about upcoming 3D movies.

World's First 3-D Broadcast for All TVs in Full Color

The Rachael Ray Show, along with 3-D Vision, Inc., (both based in New York), are taking a major step forward in the exploding 3-D TV market. On October 29, 2010 "Rach's Halloween Bash in 3-D" will be broadcast to millions of viewers with 3-D Vision's revolutionary new 3-D process called "FullColor 3Dô". Continue reading about Rachel Ray's 3D Show.

How to get 3D on your TV

Build your own 3D movie theater experience in your home. To get 3-D images on your TV or computer monitor you will need several new pieces of electronics. Read the 3D Home Entertainment FAQ.

1. 3D Televisions: new TV's

  • 3D Televisions: to watch 3D, a new 3D TV set is needed.
  • 3D TV Network Channels: ESPN 3D airs weekly special 3D events. Soon, several of the world's leading media, technology and entertainment companies will run 24/7 dedicated 3D HDTV networks.
  • 3D Web: the web has a lot of 3D content. TV's that can stream the Internet (through the set directly or connected to a PC), can watch 3D streaming content for the web. YouTube is available on some TV apps.

2. 3D Players: Watch 3D movies

3. 3D Glasses: Better Quality

  • 3D eyewear enables 3D effects. New, lightweight models of 3D glasses provide that 3D experience. But, each TV has its own pair.

What to Do with 3D Entertainment

Some of this new 3D technology will also include new ways to enjoy entertainment on other devices like computers and smartphones. But what can you watch on a 3D TV today?

3D Programming: What to See in 3D

With very little 3D content, most people will watch their 3D TV's in 2D and enhanced 3D until new 3D networks and more 3D Blu-ray movies hit the market during the holidays. The web is filling with 3D content and the new 3D TVs and Blu-ray can connect to the Internet through apps.

  • 3D Blu-ray movies: new 3D movies at home
  • Cable and Satellite 3D TV programming. ESPN 3D and Discovery plan 3D channels later this year or 23011.
  • Comcast 3D is offering very limited 3D programming on two dedicated channels. The 3D events are held at special times and limited. ESPN3D is provided as part of the digital video subscription package for free.
  • Internet: YouTube and other apps

3D Technology at home

  • New Panasonic Camcorder Shoots 3D Video Ready to Play Back on 3D-Capable Televisions, Perfect for Creating a 3D Entertainment Ecosystem at Home. Read about Panasonic's 3D camcorder.

3D Gaming on a PC

3D gaming Video games take on a new dimension with new 3D enhanced graphics on your computer monitor.

3D Mobile: Eyewear free 3-D

Mobile devices like smart phones and tablets will be ehanced with 3-D graphics without the need for 3D eyewear.

The launch of Amazon 3D

Amazon 3D has a large selection of 3D products spanning multiple categories (HDTVs, Blu-ray players, monitors, movies, and more). Find a large collection of educational videos to easily understand what 3D is and how it works. There are also buying guides aimed at helping you to find everything you need to create the best 3D experience at home.

Amazon's 3D 101: Educate yourself about 3D Technology

Best Buy 3D

A complete line of new 3D TV's, Blu-ray players and DVD's online. Save time by bying online and picking up at your nearest store- no shipping charges.

3-D video gaming on your PC

The video gaming industry is also preparing a vast release of new and popular games in 3-D mode. There will be 3-D game downloads and web sites that will offer 3-D games online with no download needed. Read more about new games and plans for 3-D gaming.

The video gaming industry launched The S-3D Gaming Alliance (S3DGA), a non-profit corporation that is 100% focused on making stereoscopic 3D gaming possible through standards, education, and product adoption. S3DGAís current members include LG Electronics, Blitz Games Studios, RealD, Next3D, DDD, Jon Peddie Research, Sensio, TDVision Corp, iZ3D, and more. Read more about the 3D Gaming Alliance goals and initiatives.

3-D glasses for PCs and Apple Macintosh computers, and monitor screens are already on the market and the price is coming down. Read about the latest 3D glasses for your PC.

Turn your monitor into 3D using WiiRemote. With the built in infrared camera in the Wii remote and a head mounted sensor bar (two IR LEDs), the location of your head can be accurately tracked and viewed on a digital TV or monitor screen. Watch a video and continue reading about how to make a wii 3D.

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