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Anthony Gaudette, An Actor Who Performs with a Pretty Broad Brush!

Interview by Fred M. Grandinetti

Anthony Gaudette is an all-around artist whether performing for the camera, directing or painting houses.  For several years he has worked on projects which require him to paint walls, ceilings, doors, windows, cabinets, deck and fences. I had the pleasure to interview Anthony about his artistic endeavors.   

Fred: Where were you born? What activities did you enjoy growing up?

Anthony: I was born in Methuen, MA but I was only there for my first two years of existence and later grew up in Derry New Hampshire.   

In school, I liked to play sports and do outdoor activities.  I was really into basketball, snowboarding and biking.    

When did you become involved with performing? 

I got involved during my final year of college while pursuing my bachelor’s in business communications. Halfway through my last year I decided to take some film/video production classes and acting lessons for fun.  I was always interested in how movies were made and wanted to get involved in that process firsthand.  James Dean was an early inspiration of mine, and I admired his story of how he became an actor. He built himself up from nothing with little support from his direct family.  Dean was an early influence in the method style of acting sending shockwaves through the youth culture in the 50s.   He was ahead of his time and then died tragically young.   

Was your family supportive of you wanting to become a professional actor?

Yes, I had a lot of support from my family.  They’re behind me in everything I do which means everything.   

What was your first performing experience like?

My first performing opportunity was acting on a production which we were making in film class. It was a horror short and a lot of fun. The film involved friends going to a cabin for the weekend.  A little cliche.  The experience was really cool because I got to direct a couple of scenes and witness the editing process. We screened the final product and when it was all said and done, I was hooked!  

You have appeared in several short films.  Any particular favorites?

A couple of my favorites I’ve done are “The Second Life” and “Love Without Loss”. “The Second Life” is a story about reincarnation, and I play a character who lives a full life and dies. I become reborn with all the knowledge and experience from the moment of birth that he had at the end of his first life.  The film shows the journey of the character during his second life through childhood towards young adulthood. The character I portray becomes terribly withdrawn because of his previous experiences.  Instead of choosing to learn and grow in this new life, from the pain experienced in his former life, he becomes incredibly reclusive and withdrawn. Eventually he crosses eyes with one woman who changes everything for him.  It was a period piece set in the late 1800’s and actually based on a real story by Machado de Assis. The film can be viewed at . “Love Without Loss” is about a guy who writes and pitches this great story to a bunch of producers.  He’s an unknown writer/director but is given a budget and green light to direct the film while given full creative control.  He casts his girlfriend and best friend in pivotal roles but becomes obsessed with the project. His actions lead to the point he becomes verbally abusive toward the girlfriend. He feels she is not getting from her what the film needs. While the production is commencing, he’s hurting his relationship more and more until it reaches a breaking point.  Although he creates the film so desired his relationship and friendships in the process are destroyed.  The film is very bittersweet.   

Any favorite genre you perform enjoying in?

I really like anything and performed in all sorts of genres.   I do like a good dramatic role.  It forces me to do a lot of homework on a character’s backstory/motivations and this process is always interesting.   

Your films have been shown in festivals. What were some of the festivals where your movies have been screened? Were you in attendance?

I had a film at the New Hampshire film festival in Portsmouth. For the Shawna Shea film festival, I was nominated for best actor in a feature.  I wasn’t able to make the New Hampshire film festival screening but did make the one in Shawna Shea. 

When you were offered the lead role of a gay superhero in the feature film comedy, “DynaStud” did you have to think about playing a role which may have in sighted controversy, positive or negative?  

I was offered the role of “Dynastud” back in 2018 and felt totally comfortable taking on this role.  I had worked with this director a few times in the past and he’s really a great guy.  If there was anything I was ever uncomfortable with or unsure about, I could always come to him about it. With that said, the role was very unique and a lot of fun.  The film is very campy and has a cheeky style of humor.  It’s different from the normal role for sure but in many ways that drew me to it.  Also, the crew/cast involved are really some of the best and most hard-working people in the New England indie film scene.  Working with them always seems like a no brainer decision for me.  Check out the hilarious trailer at Code Name: Dyna Stud – Watch Gay Romance Movies Online – GayBingeTV Trailer – YouTube

Where has the film been screened and what was the audience reaction?

“Dynastud” has played at the Rockbar in New York City.  It also screened at the Route One Cinema Pub in Attleboro Massachusetts. The film was also shown at the Shawna Shea film festival in Sturbridge Massachusetts. There have been several other screenings. The audience reaction has generally been a combination of utter shock and gut-wrenching laughter.   

When you’re performing in a role where the state of undress is required in several scenes do you get paid more money?

Yeah I’ve been in both cases where it does and doesn’t.  Particularly with this film, I wasn’t going to taking on extra pay for shirtless or anything like that   Like I mentioned before, these are people I’ve worked with.  We have a great relationship.  I’m comfortable with them and more than happy to be involved in whatever project they have going on no matter the circumstances. 

You’re also well- skilled behind the scenes as a director.

I’ve directed a couple films thus far and it’s something I’m interested in doing more of.  Early in my acting career I directed a feature “Clown Shank”.  It was a learning experience project for me both in acting and directing. It’s a whacky film about a man who loses everything and becomes a clown. Eventually he also becomes a killer.  The plot is a bit contrived and can be tough to follow at times.  I’m still proud of it.  It was the first thing I did and had a lot of fun.  Since then, I directed a short film a few years ago just before COVID.  It was a film which had won the script to screen contest at the Sanford film festival “Staring Down a Barrel”.   The film revolves around three buddies who come across this duffel bag of cash which had been stolen by another group of dangerous individuals.  They end up tracking the friends down and don’t expect to leave any witnesses. 

In addition to performing and directing you’re a professional painter. 

 I own a house painting business which I’ve been doing for about seven years. I originally took up painting to earn some extra money.  My stepdad had been flipping/renting out properties around my area which always needed work done. I took it upon myself to help with the painting and just naturally grew a good skill set.  I paint mostly interior—walls, ceiling, trim work.  I’ve also done exterior house painting and deck staining.  I enjoy it a lot—while hard work—it provides me a lot of flexibility to pursue acting.  As the owner, I make my schedule and can dip out of a job to go do a last second audition if I need to.  It works out nicely for me to support myself and still be able to have the time to do acting work!   

What future acting projects do you have coming up?

Presently I’ve been shooting commercials. One was for MaidPro and the other Hannifords grocery store.  I do have one film role lined up at the moment.  It’s a coming-of-age story involving a group of young adults at a summer camp. I’m playing the role of the bombastic and insecure jerk camp counselor.   It’s sure to be a lot of fun! 

Thank you for the interview, Anthony and best of luck in your artistic projects on and off camera. 

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