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Arizona’s 2021 hands-off law demands public’s attention

Arizona Motorcycle & Safety Awareness Foundation updates the need to reduce distracted driving in the state

Arizona’s new cell phone law, Hands-Off, was put into place in 2021.

Arizona Motorcycle & Safety Awareness Foundation (AMSAF), a leading Arizona voice on the subjects of distracted driving and motorcycle training, says people need to know, understand and obey this important law because the numbers continue to rise, especially with the intense influx of people moving to Arizona from throughout the country.

“It is illegal in Arizona to talk or text on a cell phone while driving unless it is in hands-free mode,” says Mick Degn, executive director for AMSAF. “

According to the National Safety Council, distracted driving is the cause of one out of every 10 fatal accidents and results in more than 700 injuries everyday.

Degn says the law, which took effect in January 2021, prohibits the following while driving:

• making or answering a call directly on the device

• sending reading text or viewing internet data

• holding or supporting a phone with your body

• reading, writing or sending a message via any portable wireless communication device

• scrolling through social media, watching videos, recording videos, or any other use of the device that causes a distraction and requires use of the body

“Cell phones and devices must be in hands-free mode while driving,” adds Degn. “One cannot use any device or cell phone that can cause a distraction while driving. No holding of a device or cell phone in hands or perched on a shoulder or leg while driving either (House Bill 2318). These devices include cell phones, tablets, gaming and music devices. Arizona’s new statewide ban replaces 26 different local ordinances.”

Arizona’s Hands-Off law allows for the following:

• one can engage or disengage a function on the device such as a GPS route start

• individuals can talk on a portable wireless communication device with an earpiece, headphone device or device worn on the wrist to conduct a voice-based communication

• one can use a device for navigation of the vehicle

• people can use a device in an emergency situation to summon help or report a crime

 “Know the law, tell your friends and save a life,” says Mick Degn, AMSAF’s executive director.

Exceptions to the law include emergency responders, people in an emergency situation or alerting first responders to an emergency situation or crime. In addition, the law does not apply to radios, citizen band radios, citizens band radio hybrids, commercial two-way radios, subscription-based emergency communication devices, prescribed medical devices, amateur or ham radio devices or in-vehicle security, navigation or remote diagnostics systems.

Degn says the one thing that has assisted 11-year-old AMSAF’s growth on the subject is its strong core of leaders, volunteers, business and civic leaders who see the need for change and AMSAF’s role in outreach to the public.

“We are blessed to have been so successful to date and look forward to garnering even more support as we work diligently to save lives on our roadways,” adds Degn.

AMSAF’s mission is to promote safety and awareness and reduce crashes and fatalities. The organization is located in Peoria, Ariz.

CONTACT: Mick Degn/888.951.3731

Fran Booth, ABC/602.400.3330

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