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In January 1995, the Entertainment Magazine launched, the Entertainment Magazine On Line (SSN 1087-8971), as one of the first newspapers in Arizona on the Internet. Today, thousands of people from around the world visit the Entertainment Magazine web site every day.

The roots of the Entertainment Magazine began in 1978. The local Tucson, Arizona newspaper started as a youth journalism program, developed by Robert Zucker, through the Tucson YWCA. The Youth Alternatives newspaper (1978-1979), Youth Awareness Press (1979-81) and Tucson Teen (1982-1990) newspaper were also published through the program under Zucker's direction.

After public funding ended in the 1980s, the newspaper joined with Southwest Alternatives Institute, Inc. and expanded its market to cover entertainment throughout Arizona as the Magazine (ISSN 0742-9568) and then the Entertainment Magazine (ISSN 0883-1890). Go to the WayBack Machine and see early online editions of Entertainment Magazine Online from 1996. is published by BZB Publishing, Inc.

Entertainment Magazine is a BBB Accredited Publishing Consultant in Tucson, AZ  

Entertainment Magazine meets all BBBOnLine standards for participation and Better Business Bureau membership and is authorized to display the BBBOnLine trustmark. Press Releases and News

  • Entertainment Magazine acquired by BZB Publishing, Inc. Robert Zucker continues as pubisher. (3/1/2006)
  • Affiliate advertising was incorporated into the web sites in July 2004 to provide visitors with purchasing options.
  • RSS News Feeds were incorporated into the sites in July 2004 to enhance content with national and local news.
  •, launched March 12, 2004, is a gateway Arizona, Tucson and Phoenix entertainment guide.
  • emCommunity, launched in August 2002, provides users interactive features to publish on the Internet and create virtual communities.
  • Entertainment Magazine On Line ( has been online since 1995. Home site for Tucson Teen's TeenOnLine.
  • Opus One provides ISP and server services for, Entertainment Magazine and its hosted clients and affiliates.
  • Publisher Robert Zucker has been producing tabloid newspapers since 1977 and Web sites since 1995. He retired from teaching in 2004.
  • In 2006, BZB Publishing, Inc. was formed to publish Entertainment Magazine On Line.

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