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Watch upcoming new movie trailers and read movie production notes, cast biographies and reviews for films in the United States, (U.S.), United Kingdom (U.K.), Canada, India, Australia and other countries.

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Film Entertainment Magazine updates upcoming new films as they become available with lists of upcoming new films, trailers and media previews. We also add movie reviews and profiles, trailers and forums for reader participation, when offered.

The summer movie season has started with some highly anticipated blockbuster films. Watch movie trailers and find out more about 2013 summer films in May, June, July, August.

Interested in classic movies from the 1930-1960's? Watch free movies online and download them to play later. Choose from over 100 public domain free films in our catalog. See the entire free movie catalog.

Upcoming 3D Movies

New 3D films in 2013 are being released at a record pace. At least two dozen new upcoming 3D movies are planned for the big screen this summer and for the holidays. Read more about new 3D films this summer.

Watch movie trailers, read behind-the-scenes movie production notes and biographies of the cast. Participate in movie reviews from Fandango.

In 2013, there will more new upcoming 3D movies- not only coming to the big screen, but to your own TV and PC.

Several 3-D network channels will launch in the summer. Read more about the advances in 3-D home entertainment technology and see the latest gadgets. Soon you will be able to watch movies, and TV programs, in full 3-D images.

Check out more about new 3-D capable HDTV sets, 3-D Blu-ray players and 3-D glasses will be on the market.

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These pages link to RSS feeds of streaming upcomig movies trailers from Fandango and other top entertainment sources that are updated with video clips, new trailers, news and features.EMOL YOUTUBE Videos

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