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Cody Stone is Flint Carter's Legacy

William Flint Carter

William T. "Flint" Carter passed away
on December 19, 2018

Observing 5 Years Since His Death

William "Flint" Thomas Carter, also called The General, was a seasoned prospector who had dozens of mining claims in the Santa Catalina Mountains north of Tucson, Arizona. After forty years, Flint knew all about the mountains, its legends (like the Iron Door Mine), and its precious minerals (like Cody Stone).

Flint was co-organizer, and founder, of the annual Buffalo Bill Cody Days in Oracle. The event began in 2016. After Flint's death, Robert Zucker continued the event in 2019 and 2020. Because of the pandemic, the 6th annual event was not presented in 2021.

Watch "Farewell Flint" Video
Veteran's Memorial Cemetery

A funeral service for Flint Carter was held on Saturday, October 26, 2019 at Adair Funeral Home, 8090 N. Northern Avenue at 7:00am. A full-military burial, last call and flyover, followed at the Veteran's Memorial Cemetery in Marana, Arizona at 10am where he is interred. In honor of Flint, the 5th Annual 2020 Buffalo Bill Cody Days in Oracle was held at the Oracle Inn Restaurant & Steakhouse on Saturday, February 22 and Sunday, February 23, 2020 from 1-5pm.

Before his death, Flint was able to compile his experiences and knowledge about the Santa Catalina Mountains in The Canyon of Gold, Buffalo Bill Cody, and the Legendary Iron Door Mine Treasure.Flint Carter

He also collaborated with author Robert Zucker with "Treasures of the Santa Catalina Mountains." Both books are available on Amazon.com. Both Flint and Robert were starting work on an another book about the legends and history of the Catalina Mountains. "Tucson Gold Rush" is still planned for publication.

For more information, or if you were a friend of Flint "The General," contact [email protected] or call Bob at 520-623-3733.

Cody Days in Oracle Honors the World Famous "Buffalo Bill" Cody and Flint Carter

                      Days Oracle

The last Cody Days in Oracle was held in February 2020, just before the devastating coronavirus spread across the world. Because of the continued threat of the COVID-19 virus, the 2021 Cody Days was canceled.

Treasures Santa Catalinas Carter Zucker

Local History Collector's: In one collection of six items that tell the story behind the gold and silver from Buffalo Bill Cody's mines in the Santa Catalina Mountains. Historical information and evidence of the legendary Iron Door Mine. This 6-piece package includes: two books "Treasures of the Santa Catalina Mountains," and The Canyon of Gold, Buffalo Bill Cody, and the Legendary Iron Door Mine Treasure," a movie CD "Buffalo Bill," two CD of the Miner's Story with interviews of Flint Carter, and an audio CD of music of the Santa Catalina mountains by Gary Holdcroft.

Flint Carter

Photo above left to right: Small stone on loan to University of Arizona 5 years- graded 38 out of 40. This is one of the finest 100 percent natural gold and silver specimens in the world, $3,926. Middle item: The "horse," $50,000. Right: large 23 lb specimen, $250,000

Flint Carter was featured in the March 2015 edition of "Outside Magazine," has appeared in numerous videos on the legends and lost treasures of the Old West, and recently featured in a new book on the legends and history of the Santa Catalinas.

See samples of Flint Carter's Cody Stone directly from the mines of Buffalo Bill Cody in the Santa Catalina Mountains.

Flint's historical-fiction book "Canyon of Gold"

Several years before his death, Flint Carter released a book called The Canyon of Gold, Buffalo Bill Cody, and the Legendary Iron Door Mine Treasure," In his book, Carter describes his version of the legend that has intrigued treasure hunters for centuries.

For nearly four decades, Carter also mined rare jewelry-grade gold and silver in quartz minerals exclusively from the Catalina Mountains called "Cody Stone," named after the famous world-wide entertainer "Buffalo Bill" Cody who owned a gold mine in the Santa Catalinas called Campo Bonito.

This new book on the legends and history of the Santa Catalina Mountains, collaborated with Flint Carter, is now available.

Read free chapters of another book Flint was involved in producing with Robert Zucker, "Treasures of the Santa Catalina Mountains." Purchase online for a discount at amazon.com (Treasures) or locally in Tucson at Mostly Books, Summit Hut, Oracle Inn and other locations. Read about the Treasures of the Santa Catalinas in the new edition of Tucson Chronicles.

Purchase on Amazon (above) or PayPal (below)

The Canyon of Gold
Buffalo Bill Cody
& The Legendary
Iron Door Mine Treasures

Videos about the legends

Discover the history and legends of the Old West with historian Flint Carter. Watch a video of slides from the new book "Treasures of the Santa Catalina Mountains" with original music about the Catalinas written and sung by Gary Holdcroft. "Esmeralda," from an album of songs written and performed by Gary Holdcroft. An original ballad about the legendary Mine with the Iron Door in the Santa Catalina Mountains, north of Tucson, Arizona. Esmeralda is the name of one of the lost mines. The Escalante Mine is another lost mine legend.

Read Stories of the Catalina Mountains

Flint Carter has lived and mined the Santa Catalina Mountains for over forty years. His stories and experience has been preserved through these pages and his involvement with a book on the Catalinas. Explore the legends with Flint Carter.

  • Buffalo Bill's Arizona Mining Ventures William F. Cody (1846-1917) better known as the Wild West Show entertainer “Buffalo Bill,” had invested in many mining interests. One mine was near the town of Oracle, 40 miles north of Tucson, Arizona a decade before the Arizona territory entered Statehood. Read about Buffalo Bill Cody's time in Arizona.
  • "One Park Place" Cabin deep in the Santa Catalina Mountains is a popular spot along the Arizona Trail. Stop by and add to the Sign-In Rosters
  • The Mine with the Iron Door: A Recommendation from the General by David Herring

Articles by Flint Carter

Gold & Silver Ore in Quartz

  • Southwestern Jewelry Grade Flint has the only source of jewelry-grade of gold and silver in quartz from Mt. Lemmon. This precious stone has "la vie dasante" ("life's dancing light").
  • CodyStone Jewelry and Celebrity stones are made from local ore from Southern Arizona, USA and designed as jewelry grade gold and silver in quartz.

Southwestern Art

  • "Flint Art" is a collection of hand painted Southwest art, cards, paintings and sculptures exclusively created by Flint Carter.

News coverage about Flint

  • Legend of the Iron Door Mine article in The Explorer. November 25, 2009 Saddlebrook special edition. Read about Flint Carter and the history and story surrounding the Iron Door Mine legend and legends of the Old West.
  • Outside Magazine: Flint Carter is profiled in an 8-page spread in the March 2015 edition of Outside Magazine. The article covers his recent expedition deep into the Catalinas with the writer from Outside Magazine and his crew. Follow Flint's mining expedition.

Mysterious Catalina Monolith

  • Located at the entrance of the Oracle Ridge Mine in the Santa Catalina Mountains north of Tucson, Arizona, on a small bluff is a huge, ancient monolith with unusual markings. See photos and read about the Oracle Ridge Monolith.

The Famed Iron Door Mine

The Iron Door Mine is one of "the most extensively hunted lost mine in North America." There appears to be some evidence about the treasures of the Old Southwest in an area known as Canada del Oro, "the Canyon of Gold." Located deep in the mountains north of Tucson, Arizona, near Oracle, AZ., may lie the legendary Iron Door Mine and valuable gold and silver treasures, according to Arizona historian Flint Carter. Popularized by Harold Bell Wright's 1923 novel "The Mine With The Iron Door," this treasure may still be buried somewhere in the desolate and inaccessible Cañada del Oro, the Canyon of Gold. The lost mine legend also appears to have a connection with the 100 tons of gold treasure discovered at Victoria Peak in New Mexico.

Flint Carter on the local legends of the Santa Catalina Mountains

Flint CarterPhoto: This 23 lb. nugget is the finest specimen from Buffalo Bill Cody's mine near Oracle, Arizona. From established sales this rock is valued over $1/4 million.

Flint's efforts are on display in ten museums and the Mining Hall of Fame.

For decades, Carter had been the owner of the richest gold and silver mines on the Santa Catalina Mountains near Tucson, Arizona.

Cody Stone,
                          gold and silver in quartzFlint Carter describes the history and stories of the Southwest, Iron Door Mine, mining for gold and other ores around Tucson and Southern AZ. and many other historical topics and legends. Carter showcases his art, jewelry and artifacts in public and private presentations.

Flint's private collection is on display at the Oracle Inn in Oracle, Arizona.

Photo: Tucson's Cody Stone Jewelry manufactured by Orlando Jewelers of England.The Iron Door Mine.

The only authentic source of Cody Stone from Buffalo Bill Cody's own mines with certification from the Flint Carter Collection

Cody Stone,
                          gold and silver in quartzFirst popularized by Tiffany's during the California Gold Rush, Cody Stone is a little known- and now extremely rare- commodity.

It is the most expensive gold and silver in the world that sells by carat weight values. Cody Stone is on display in museums worldwide and the Mining Hall of Fame and Gem Institute of America.

The specimen, on loan to the University of Arizona MIneral Museum, was independently graded at 38 out of 40 and is considered one of the finest 100% natural gold and silver specimens in the world.

The result of a search for the West's largest gold legend and the world's largest land treasure portrayed in four major motion pictures over six decades, this golden legend refuses to die and continues to grow with substantial golden values.

"Gold still glitters in the ground, hiding secret like a laughing clown."

- from "Gold Town" by Joseph Michael Darwin.

Left: "Prospector" original art work by Flint Carter. 5" x 7" original. See more Flint original art.

The Miner's Story Project

Flint CarterThe Miners’ Story Project preserves and shares stories about life in the mines and mining communities in the Southwest US. William "Flint" Carter provides his recollections of the history and stories of the Santa Catalina Mountains.

Read more about the Miner's Story Project. The Miner's Story CD is a two and a half hour recording of the mine with the iron door by Flint Carter. $19.95.

Ballads of the Santa Catalinas

The original songs and ballads about the Iron Door Mine, the Santa Catalina Mountains, the Old West and about Flint Carter on CD. These songs were written and professionaly performed in a studio by Gary Holdcroft specifically about Flint's adventures and the legends of the Catalinas.

Treasures of the Santa Catalina Mountains

Written by Robert Zucker with
collaboration from Flint Carter

A large collection of the legends and history of the Catalinas. Learn the story of the Iron Door Mine, the Lost Mission and the Lost City. Hundreds of pages cover hundreds of years in the search for gold, silver and copper. Was there a Lost Escalante Mine or Mine wth the Iron Door? Who started the legends? Is there still gold in the mountains?

Explore the Santa Catalina Mountains in a way you never seen them before. Read free chapter samples of "Treasures of the Santa Catalina Mountains."

Available on amazon.com.
Print: Treasures of the Santa Catalina Mountains

Kindle: Treasures of the Santa Catalina Mountains: Unraveling the Legends and HistoryFlint Carter

Iron Door Mine

Cody Stone Specimens and Samples

All of these pieces are from Flint Carter's Mine. Read about collecting rare stones from Mt. Lemmon. Cody stone jewelry available for public sale. New design of Codystones prepared for sale.

Contributing jewelers are Gary Holdcroft, Isaac Hunan, Bisbee Bob, Poncho, Buzz Stringer, Steve Montez, Michael Garcia, AAA Family Jewelers in Tustin, CA; the Navajo nation; Will Dentondale, a Navajo artist; Orlando Jewelers UK, James Svoboda, Cornelious Hollander and William F. Carter.


Cody Stone, gold and silver in

Cody Stone from Mt. Lemmon Arizona is gold and silver in quartz. Review specimens for sale at the only accredited site to purchase Cody Stone. Specimen of Cody Stone is on display at the University of Arizona Mineral Museum's "100 Years of Arizona's Best- the Minerals That Made the State" exhibit.

Cody Stone Jewelry by Michael Garcia

Exquisite Cody Stone jewelry designed and handcrafted by award-winning Native American artist Michael Garcia.

Flint Carter

Geronimo's Gold Table

This huge specimen weighs 150 pounds and stands on a Saguaro base. This is available for sale at $150,000.

Flint Carter

This is the latest creation of Cody Stone, a ring from a bracelet set by Isaac Hunan

Cornelis Hollander CodyStone

Cody Stone, gold and silver
                                        in quartz

Cody Stone, gold and silver
                                        in quartz

Celebrity Stones is proud to unveil the latest creations of Codystone by award winning jeweler Cornelis Hollander (above and below photos). 

Cody Stone, gold and silver
                                      in quartzThe very first cast mountings continental and seductively cradeling the 100% natural gold and silver ores from Buffalo Bill's lost mines near Tucson, Arizona. To date, jewelers list Gary Holdcroft, Bisbee Bob, Poncho, Buzz Stringer, Michael Garcia, Steve Montez, Alan Childves, Wm Carter, and now Cornelis Hollander! Kudos to the artist! Bufallo Bill would be proud! $350 each- one of a kind silver and a rubber cord.

Read about Buffalo Bill Cody and Oracle, Arizona, by Flint Carter, in "American Cowboy" April 2013 edition.

Flint Carter

Quartz "Cody Stone," Oracle, Arizona on display at the Buffalo Bill Historical Center in Cody, Wyoming. "In the early 1900's, William F. Cody began investing in gold, diamond, and silver mines in Arizona. Mining experts reports of great riches were falsified, the mines mainly yielded quartz, later named "Cody Stone." Gift of W.T. "Flint" Carter.

Santa Catalina Mission

Santa Catalina MissionHelp create a museum and cultural center to preserve Catalina Mtn. history .

A lost Spanish mission is being restored by Flint Carter to preserve its great Western heritage.

The building also houses his collection of stones, jewelry, art and artifacts recovered from around the property in the Santa Catalina Mountains. See more about The Santa Catalina Historic Preservation Project.

While Flint Carter, SCHPP director, is doing the work on his own time and money, tax deductible donations through SAI, Inc. are accepted to help toward its restoration and preservation.