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DJ Baby YuDJ Baby Yu - The Preferred Spin Doctor of the Music Industry

DJ Baby Yu, affectionately dubbed, “The Remix Kid,” is the official party-starter of the entertainment industry. 

The award-winning, Toronto native has a Japanese heritage that he proclaims through his stage name. His innovative style and high-energy performances have been recognized by some of today’s hottest music moguls. As a DJ, he has an impressive resume, but his talent surpasses spinning tables.

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First Major Exhibition On The Life Of Ringo Starr

Ringo StarrThe GRAMMY Museum, in cooperation with Ringo Starr, will debut a major new exhibition, Ringo: Peace & Love opening on June 12, 2013. This one-of-a-kind, limited-run exhibit will offer visitors an  unprecedented in-depth look at all aspects of Starr’s musical and creative life – as a musician, artist, actor, and as the man the world knows and loves simply as 'Ringo.' It will also aim to propel Starr’s universal message of peace and love. Continue reading about Ringo Starr.

Magic Slim, Blues Icon, dies at 75

Magic SlimMagic Slim, a revered and towering figure in the field of traditional Chicago blues, died today in a Philadelphia hospital at the age of 75 on February 21, 2013.

Born Morris Holt in Torrance, Mississippi in 1937, the guitarist performer, bandleader, and recording artist went on to enjoy a career that launched him to national and international recognition and acclaim.

Magic Slim was one of the foremost practitioners of the raw, gut-bucket, back alley blues associated with the postwar Chicago blues sound. He and his band, the Teardrops, were known as "the last real Chicago blues band" for their authentic, no-frills, straight-no-chaser performance of the music. Read more about Magic Slim and a past interview.

Exclusve interview and pictures from Magic Slim's Tucson, AZ performance


Greg Laporta and Ernie Savage truly have a love and passion for their work.  The Ostinato Brothers, a.k.a. Greg and Ernie, have been writing, performing, and producing music for over twenty years. Read by Ostinato Brothers.

The Beach Boys Live in Concert 50th Anniversary Tour on DVD and Blu-Ray

For music fans raised on the harmonies and melodies that defined a generation, THE BEACH BOYS’ 50th Anniversary was celebrated with an album featuring all new material and a special 75 date world tour. THE BEACH BOYS played to sold out crowds garnering rave reviews at every stop— from the Hollywood Bowl to its conclusion at London’s Wembley Arena with an epic 55 song set. Read about the new Beach Boy's 50th Anniversary DVD.

Paz del Castillo Exhibits Top-Notch Composing On New Solo Piano CD

Paz del Castillo, who has become one of the most important solo pianists in Spain during the past decade, titled her latest album Eleven Drops for two reasons -- each of the eleven original compositions represents a small drop or part of her personality, and the water imagery symbolizes her love of nature.


Ciro Hurtado plays acoustic guitar with a unique Latin style that combines what he calls “Andean Blues” (from his Peruvian birthplace) with elements of American jazz and rock’n’roll plus a variety of other international influences. 

Laura McMillan lingers longer in new CD

Laura McMillan titled her second album of original solo piano music Linger Longer because she treasures the positive moments of life and wants to hold onto them as long as possible.

The Lopsided World of Jonathan LAlternative Music Show On Demand

Listen to episodes of the international radio show rebroadcast of Lopsided World of Jonathan L.

Mark Bruland's family and friends inspired BEEing Human 

Mark Bruland’s life is all about balance -- between making music and farming, between family and work, between caring about people and taking care of animals, between working his land and creating in his studio.

World fusion White and Paulino

The musical duo Tim White and Joe Paulino crafted the world-fusion instrumental music on their album inhale slowly not only as entertainment, but also specifically to facilitate relaxation, meditation and healing.

'Lost In Love' the musical sets sights on Broadway

America’s appetite for romance over the last four decades, Graham Russell’s amazing songwriting, along with Russell Hitchcock’s distinctive voice may have just placed Air Supply on the path to Broadway. Graham Russell, the other half of the Australian duo has introduced “Lost in Love,” a new musical based on the hit songs of Air Supply.

Secret to Success and Longevity

As a solo artist and as the lead singer of the Baby’s and Bad English, John Waite was the fixture of album-oriented rock radio stations during the 1970’s and 1980’s.  Waite has a talent for power ballads and driving arena rock, occasionally touching on new wave styled power pop as well.  Though he didn’t consistently have hits, several of his songs – including “Missing You,” the Baby’s “Isn’t It Time,” and Bad English’s “When I See You Smile” –became radio staples. 

Spinning with DJ Charlie White

DJ Charlie WhiteHe rocked the stage alongside Justin Timberlake & FreeSol; now get to know DJ Charlie White as he stands out solo in our interview. Catch this awesome DJ opening for FreeSol & Justin Timberlake.

New Ringo Starr 2012

Ringo Starr’s 17th solo studio record, and his second on Hip-O/Ume will be released on January 31, 2012 in the United States (Internationally, January 30, 2012.) Read more about Ringo Starr 2012.




Whitney Houston dies

Whitney Houston, whose voice was a beacon for decades, died Saturday, February 11, 2012. She was 48 years old.

High praise, but well-deserved for Whitney Houston, she was 1985s hottest newcomer for which PEOPLE magazine remarked "it will take an act of Congress to keep this woman from becoming a megastar." Continue reading about Whitney Houston.

Remembering the King: 75th Anniversary of Elvis Presley’s Birth

Whitney Duncan is young, blonde and beautiful. She’s also among the never-ending line of contemporary Country artists who acknowledge the influence of Elvis Presley.

“Elvis was the whole reason I even started singing at all,” she said, noting that her appreciation for Presley stemmed in large part from her grandfather’s music and video collection. “He sang with so much emotion. That’s what I would like to bring to my music. I hope I can. I think he meant every word he sang. It was coming from his heart.”

For many of today’s performers, Presley’s stage presentation made as much of an impact as his music. “Listen to me sing, listen to me talk: It’s obvious I owe more to Hank Williams and George Jones than to Elvis,” said Randy Travis. Continue reading about Elvis Presley's 75th anniversary.

Kyle Peterson pens new Christmas music with old standards

Musician Kyle Pederson has a special gift to give this holiday season -- a new solo piano album of classic Christmas hymns arranged in ways never heard before.  Imagine an album of beautiful, mesmerizing piano soloing where familiar melodies drift through as if on a gentle breeze, reviving memories, but at the same time part of a new listening experience.  Read more about Kyle Peterson's new CD.

MIKE LONGO - TO MY SURPRISE (featuring The Mike Longo Trio + 2 Special Guests)

With every new recording, jazz pianist Mike Longo digs a little deeper into the chemistry of the music, pushing himself and his band to more fully explore the intricacies of the rhythmic nature of jazz, attempting to go to new places where surprising results await. Longo named his new album To My Surprise in honor of those special musical moments that unfold. Continue reading about the new Mike Longo CD.

Music that reaches across borders with Emine SARI

Emine SARI was born in a small city in Turkey and studied piano and foreign languages in order to fulfill her dream of becoming an international artist.

Emine SARI entered the Japanese version of "American Idol" and become the only foreign singer who made it to the finals. Now, she plays the piano, the guitar, sings in six different languages and is the European cultural ambassador! Watch a music video and read more about Emine SARI.

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